What Features Should Asset Tracking Software Have?

What Features Should Asset Tracking Software Have

Picture this: You’re running a logistics business, and your consignments need to reach their destinations like clockwork. It goes without saying — you can’t ignore the safety of your assets, especially your vehicles, at every step. This is where asset tracking software shows up! Like a trusty ally, it ensures smooth operations, guards against theft, and even saves you some hard-earned cash.

Today, it’s not just a luxury but an absolute must-have in the transportation and logistics game. 

So, buckle up as we explore the key benefits, crucial features, and how asset tracking software can revolutionize your business.

Let’s go.


What is Asset Tracking Software?

Before diving into the nitty-gritty of asset tracking software, let’s do a quick recap of what asset tracking is. Asset tracking is tracking precious cargo, vehicles, equipment and even employees that the companies utilise to earn profits.

However, doing so manually can get tough and will only provide you with limited visibility of the asset and with no guarantee of its authenticity. But the asset tracking platform will automate and elevate the tracking process. Consider it your very own Jarvis, helping you monitor and manage everything so you can focus on the bigger picture – the success and scalability of the business.

The software also supports scanning barcodes or electronic tags with GPS, RFID, or other techsn that elevate asset monitoring and management. This results in real-time data about your fleet’s location, condition, and performance — right at your fingertips.


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Must-Have Features in Asset Tracking Software

When it comes to choosing the perfect asset tracking software, there are some non-negotiable features you should be on the lookout for. Fret not! We’ve listed these here for you:

Real-time Tracking

You want eyes on your assets 24/7. The software should provide real-time location updates so you’re never caught off guard. While at it, you should also look for mobile and tablet compatibility to access the data on the fly.

Reporting Mastery

You must’ve heard “data is king.” However, it goes beyond that. How? Reporting turns your data into actionable insights.

Asset tracking software should provide customizable reports, offering deep insights into asset performance, maintenance needs, and more. Like a skilled detective at work, it should be able to uncover hidden truths within your data.

It’s only with reporting mastery that you’re equipped with the knowledge to make informed decisions and optimize your operations.


Regarding asset tracking software, you should keep customization at the forefront. Asset tracking has to be according to your specific business needs. Look for software that offers elastic customisation, a vast array of parameters, alerts, and notifications to choose from.

Seamless Integration

In the modern business landscape, systems have to work together seamlessly. So, it’s only reasonable to expect your asset tracking software to integrate smoothly with other systems, creating a unified force. 

Whether it’s integrating with your inventory management or connecting with your ERP system, your software should play well. Most importantly, it should be well-integrable with numerous GPS trackers and sensors in the market. TrackoBit is compatible with almost all tracking devices, making it the most sought-after tracking solution. 

Geofencing Goodness

Virtual boundaries are your secret weapon to run your logistics operations like a well-oiled machine. Therefore, your asset tracking software should let you set virtual boundaries, updating when assets enter or exit specific areas. This amplifies the level of protection and ensures that the vehicles or employees follow the path assigned.

Maintenance Marvel

Preventive maintenance is the name of the game. Your software should help you stay on top of upkeep, reducing costly downtime.

By keeping up with maintenance alerts and schedules, you can remain proactive rather than reactive, saving both time and money.

User-friendly Design

Truth be told — nobody likes a complicated interface. 

Whether you’re a seasoned logistics professional or a new team member, a user-friendly design ensures ease of use and better utilization of your asset-tracking software. 

This means your team should be able to jump right in and start using the software with ease.

Room to Grow 

As your business expands, your tracking needs will too. Go for the software that does not need to be discarded; instead, it grows and accommodates your needs and scalability automatically. 


Top 5 Benefits of Asset Tracking

Why bother with asset tracking, you ask? Let’s present you with some rock-solid reasons:

  • Real-time Insights

Imagine knowing where your assets are at any given moment. For logistics operations, asset tracking goes beyond just tracking location — it’s about always being in the loop and ready to take action. 

What’s more? You get access to a virtual dashboard to monitor the condition, status, and movement of every asset from the get-go. 

This level of visibility is a game-changer in the logistics world. It’s like having X-ray vision for your entire operation.


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  • Improved Security

Asset tracking acts as your guardian angel, constantly vigilant against theft and unauthorized access. It’s the equivalent of having a security team that never sleeps.

With geofencing and tamper alerts of asset monitoring software, you can say goodbye to sleepless nights worrying about theft. 

All in all, it beefs up your security game, picking up any anomalies and sending alerts at the first sign of trouble.

  • Cost Savings

Unplanned expenses and unexpected downtime are villains in any logistics operation. On the flip side, asset tracking is your profit protector. 

Providing real-time data on asset health and maintenance needs, it allows you to proactively address issues.

Thus, asset tracking helps you stay ahead of the game, preventing costly surprises.

  • Satisfied Customers

Timely deliveries translate to happy clients. 

Asset tracking ensures your cargo reaches its destination safe and sound, increasing customer satisfaction.

Investing in asset tracking makes even more sense, considering the smiles on your customers’ faces when they receive their orders on time, every time. 

  • Smooth Operations

Asset tracking software is the wizard that optimizes your workflows while identifying bottlenecks.

Streamlining your workflow, optimizing routes, and making the most of your assets. That’s the power of asset tracking, right in your hands.



So, as we draw the curtain on this adventure, remember that asset tracking is not just a tool; it’s a strategic asset in the logistics realm. With real-time visibility, seamless operations, and top-notch security, you’re not just managing logistics but also leading with precision.


Ready to unlock the full potential of asset tracking?

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