What are the advantages of personalised bottles and water bottles?

personalised water bottle

Advertising gourds and bottles are the stars of goodies and have been on the rise for some time. They are very practical for carrying water or other thirst-quenching drinks with you.

Being reusable, they reduce the use of plastic waste such as mineral water bottles.

Bottles and water bottles are also convenient to store in a bag to carry water with you to go to the office, to class, or the gym. Depending on the uses, they are available in various capacities to meet everyone’s water needs.

Being particularly popular, customizable water bottles and flasks are therefore preferred promotional gifts to develop your communication strategy. You can integrate them into a welcome pack or present them with your logo on a stand if you are going to a conference to present your company.

For tangy and fruity drinks, you can also choose a personalised water bottle.

How to choose a personalised water bottle?

  • Capacity: the capacities of customizable water bottles vary between 250ml, 500ml, 75cl, and 1l.
  • The material: find bottles made of glass, stainless steel, or plastic, BPA-free plastic
  • The wall: so that the bottle keeps its contents with maximum freshness or heat, we offer personalised double-walled water bottles.
  • The cap: all our bottles have a cap or lid allowing them to be closed in a watertight and insulating manner. Personalize the reusable water bottle cap for even more visibility! Some caps also have a belt attachment system, ideal for long walks or sports. Wooden or steel cap, it’s all a question of taste and style.
  • Shape: our customizable water bottles all have a shape adapted to the hand, some have a slightly more ergonomic design to ensure greater comfort while hydrating. We therefore find cylindrical shapes, flared towards the middle or the classic shape of a water bottle.
  • The sheath: the bottle sheath is an additional accessory that allows both to maintain the contents at temperature and improve the hand’s grip on the bottle. Some of our models are therefore offered a customizable neoprene sheath.
  • Color and shapes: play with colors, shapes, and printing possibilities to make your reusable water bottle unique!

Who should you give a personalised water bottle to?

The customizable water bottle is a useful goodie for both adults and children. So why not make it a corporate gift bearing your logo? It is even possible to personalize a bottle with the first name of your employees or customers. Not only are you sending a positive message for their health, but you are making them adopt an ecological gesture.

For children, it is important to teach them to hydrate regularly, whatever their age. When they go to school or the leisure center, a water bottle is very practical to slip into their bag. So as not to lose it in a multitude of children, offer a personalised water bottle with the child’s first name, clever!

Depending on your target, offer a customizable water bottle model with a nice design and an original cap, the best water bottle to slip into sports gear or into your everyday bag. In addition, we offer in our selection personalised water bottles in various materials: glass, stainless steel, BPA-free plastic, and recycled RPET. Enough to highlight your brand and thus develop your notoriety while offering healthy and eco-responsible goodies.

Offer a personalised water bottle with your logo to your customers. A stainless steel bottle is likely to be insulated, therefore very useful when it’s hot to have fresh water.

For sports sessions, a personalised plastic or aluminum bottle is practical; for work, a glass advertising bottle offers a design that fits in with an office space. In addition, personalizing it with your logo will reinforce the corporate side.

On what occasions should you offer a personalised water bottle?

Personalised bottles and gourds are popular corporate gifts. Offer a model depending on the occasion. First, choose the capacity of the container or containers. Then, for personalization, you opt for a photo, a logo, or a first name depending on the design.

In order to promote your products at a trade show or trade fair, present and offer a personalised bottle to catch the eye of your future customers and why not establish a business start-up?

In addition, it is a goodie for which there are all prices. And the more quantity you order, the better price you will get. And then having stock is always practical!

If you are a sports club, the advertising bottle is the ideal container to develop your visibility. Imagine the logo of your association; your members will promote your club while taking advantage of your gift.

The personalised bottle is also a gift to offer when new employees join your company.

If you are launching a new product, the bottle can also be a promotional gift for your most loyal customers!

How to order your customizable bottle or flask?

You fell in love with a model or even several models among the designs we offer. If you are hesitating between glasses, aluminum, Stainless steel travel tumbler, or BPA-free plastic, we can help you choose the containers that best suit your choice of communication. We have a plethora of canteens and bottles in stock on our site depending on your project. If you want to give a nice gift, we can also offer you insulated containers, ideal for sports and summer. Among our bottles and gourds, we will advise you on the best prices in line with the desired budget. For personalization, several possibilities are offered to you: logo, photo, first name, and color linked to your graphic charter. Our products are of quality and will be greatly appreciated by your customers or members (children and adults). Once the quote is confirmed with a price that suits you, we launch your order!

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