Best Chapati Dough Maker Machine in India 2023

Dough Maker Machine
Dough Maker Machine

When it comes to Indian meals, roti, chapati, poori and paratha are a vital part of a majority of meals. Making these Indian breads is not an easy task. It involves a lot of preparation from kneading dough to rolling it into a flatbread and cooking it. 

Out of all these tasks, kneading dough of the right consistency is very important to get soft chapatis or pooris. However, when you have to knead the dough manually, it is a messy task. With a dough maker at home, you can pull off this task with ease. It doesn’t need any manual intervention. You just have to add the right quantity of ingredients and the appliance will automatically do the mixing and kneading. 

If chapati, roti, poori and paratha are a staple part of your daily diet but you don’t have a dough maker at home, it’s time to invest in one. To make the selection process easier, here are the best chapati dough maker machines in India. 

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KENT Atta & Bread Maker

KENT Atta & Bread Maker lets you knead dough for chapati without touching the flour. Its one-touch operation enables easy mixing of ingredients and kneading of the dough. This smart appliance comes with 19 pre-set menu options, which includes chapati atta, poori atta, pizza dough, jam, sticky rice, yoghurt, cake and different varieties of bread. The package also comes with accessories, including a kneading panel remover, measuring spoon and measuring cup. 

Preethi Master Chef Atta Kneader

The new Preethi Master Chef Atta Kneader kneads the dough for chapati within a minute. It has a capacity of 2.1-litres, which is sufficient for a large family. Cleaning the appliance is convenient and easy as well. You can even put it in a dishwasher for cleaning. Making soft chapatis is now easy with this atta maker.

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Clearline Electric Dough Kneader

This dough maker from Clearline is light in weight and compact. It has a removable stainless steel mixing bowl for kneading the dough. Once the dough is done, you can remove it and wash the bowl after every use. This dough maker ensures non-messy operation and effortless kneading. It has a 650W powerful motor that facilitates quick kneading. Its double lid design enables easy pouring of ingredients. It sports a 15-minute automatic timer, which is suitable for kneading all types of flour. 

Wonderchef Stand Mixer

The Wonderchef Stand Mixer serves as a mixer and dough kneader for effortless kneading. With a rotatory bowl and a moving head, you can get quick and consistent results each time. There are multiple speed levels, which helps you adjust speed as per needs. It comes with accessories like a spatule, dough hooks and beaters. 

So, these are your top options for the best chapati maker for perfect results. Whether in a home kitchen or restaurant, these dough makers mix and knead dough without any hassle. Appliances like a dough maker, sandwich maker, mixer grinder and juice maker are a must-have in every kitchen. You don’t have to think twice before investing in these.