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Planning your London adventure and need a ride to travel in style and comfort? You need not worry because London Black Cab Transfers is here to save the day! Whether you are a local on holiday wanting to rediscover what the city has to offer or a tourist from abroad excited to explore London’s iconic landmarks and wonderful food places, our black cabs will ensure you have a smooth and fun journey. But what exactly are London black cabs, and why should you take them? Scroll down to find out!

The History Of London Black Cabs

Like the double-decker bus and the red telephone box, the black cabs are also an iconic symbol of London. Officially known as the Hackney carriage, these black beauties are connected to London’s past and date back further than one would think. History tells us they first started as horse-drawn carriages and were first spotted in the Tudor era. By the 19th century, hundreds of people had been transported from one place to another throughout London.

Later, the automobile industry came into being and caused makers to make changes to their hackney carriage model, creating fully automated electric hackney carriages. However, they did not last as long, and after the Second World War patrol run, ‘black cabs’ finally came into being. These were extremely popular as they no longer had any restrictions such as speed or the endurance of horses and dominated the taxicab industry for the next 40 years or so. Changes were made to the original model, and these are the modern black cabs that we now see and admire on the streets of London. Trust us, your London tour is incomplete without trying this!

Why You Should Take A Black Cab

Not only are they the earliest and most iconic cabs in London, but there are many other reasons why you should prefer a black cab.

1. They Are Safe And Reliable

Black cabs have been in operation for a long, long time. Hence, they have mastered the art of effective transportation and are extremely safe and reliable. Most people trust them as a means of transport over all others, as they understand the passengers’ needs and ensure a smooth and fun London tour.

Additionally, their availability is not just restricted to commercial areas but also remote ones, so they are easy to call no matter where you are.

2. They Have Experienced And Professional Drivers

Drivers of black cabs know London by heart. Their employment and training requirements are quite tough, and they need to know all city routes thoroughly. Hence, they know all the shortcuts, longer ways, and scenic routes to help make your London adventure a memorable one.

Whether you want to take the scenic routes to enjoy your London tour or prefer shortcuts to save on extra costs, London black cab drivers will ensure your choices are heard and acted upon.

3. They Will Not Be Heavy On The Pocket

London black cabs are economical and offer cost-effective fares for their customers. If you need efficient transport options, don’t worry, as black cabs are a great option and will not cost you an arm and a leg. They just make travel easy and affordable all over London!

4. They Can Be Easily Called

You can choose black cabs wherever and whenever. Late for a meeting and haven’t pre-booked a cab? Woke up late on holiday and need to run to your tourist destination before it closes? Black cabs are always at your service and do not always require pre-booking, so you may take them as per your preference, either through a specific company’s app or by hailing them on the streets.

Take A Tour Of London’s Iconic Landmarks With Us

Hire a London black cab to take you on a wonderful adventure! Here are a few places you can visit that will not disappoint!

1. Tower Bridge

An image of grandeur and awe, Tower Bridge is perhaps one of the oldest landmarks in London. This regal structure stands tall and looks lovely, especially at night, when it lights up in a pretty glow of orange and gold. Whether you want to take pictures with the Grand Tower Bridge in the backdrop, go for a walk and take in the sights, or want to explore its engine rooms to see the steam engines powering the bascules, there’s just lots to do.

2. Buckingham Palace

Did you come to London and did not visit the royals? Outrageous! Buckingham Palace is something you should not miss. Not only is this the administrative hub of the royals, but also a family home. This palace is a sight for sore eyes. Book a black cab in London in the morning hours to see the changing of the guard, or walk along the palace to witness its grandeur and nearby sights. You won’t regret it!

3. Big Ben

Even if it’s your first time in London, you are probably aware of this iconic landmark that has captured the hearts of so many tourists and residents alike. Did you know it was voted as the most favourite London landmark in 2008? Let’s face it: London’s skyline wouldn’t have been the same without this regal structure. What to do? Sit down for a while to admire this wonderful building, or walk in its vicinity to explore other areas. There are many souvenir shops close by as well, so you can get something to remember your London adventure by!

4. Trafalgar Square

This is one of our all-time favourites! Commemorating the monumental battle of Trafalgar between the British and some European nations, this is a prominent landmark in London. Magnificent statues and huge fountains lie amid the square. You may enjoy walking here, meeting friends and having lunch, or sit and admire the splendid things this square has to offer. Many times, Trafalgar Square has events where people celebrate Britain or their own countries, all of which you can enjoy with your loved ones!

5. Hyde Park

This park has been catering to tourists and locals for centuries! Can you believe that? It has seen concerts, political demonstrations, and much more. Hyde Park is an unmissable place to take long walks or plan lunch. You can take in the refreshing greenery and flowing lakes or admire the marble arch and Kensington Gardens. If you go in winter, do not forget to go to The Hyde Park Winter Wonderland, one of the best Christmas markets in the world.

We Will Take You On The Culinary Adventure Of Your Life

London is famous for its food places. Hire a black cab in London to go to these mouth-watering eateries!

1. Wingstop

One of our favourite places, Wingstop, serves the most amazing wings. Trust us, you will be left asking for more. Whether you need ones with yummy, sticky sauce or are looking for crunchy wings with great flavour, Wingstop has something for everyone. Their BBQ and Louisiana Rub wings are a must-try!

2. L’ETO Caffe

Famous for its delicious food and desserts alike, this eatery is a favourite of many, including celebrities. Their desserts are a dream come true for everyone who has a sweet tooth. Our recommendation? Their Tiramisu and Vanilla Three Milk Cake!

3. Cocomelt

Located in the heart of London, this chocolate café specialises in chocolate-covered desserts. Their chocolate is out of this world and will give your taste buds an explosion of flavour. From chocolate-covered pancakes and waffles to chocolate-coated fruit, dessert lovers are in for a lovely surprise with this place.

4. Vapiano

Looking for a nice ambient place to have dinner with your better half? Vapiano is the place to be! Offering a variety of delicious food options, Vapiano offers a great vibe with a beautifully lit-up interior. Whether you want to indulge in a delectable Italian pizza or have a craving for yummy creamy pasta, Vapiano has a great menu so that everyone can have what they like.

To Wrap It Up

London’s tourism game is strong. Whether you are interested in historical landmarks and lush green parks or have a knack for eating good food and desserts, London has a lot to offer in every aspect. Booking your London adventure and need a black cab in London to take you to visit different places? Not to worry, because London Black Cab Transfers are here to take you on an unforgettable adventure! With years of experience in the taxicab industry, we provide sleek and sturdy black cabs with knowledgeable drivers who will ensure you can see every inch of London. So hire us now and have the best trip of your life!