Bangor is widely regarded as one of the greatest tourist destinations in the Pine Tree States. This extensive itinerary will provide a listing of the best activities to do in Bangor, Maine. In addition to various strange and fascinating details concerning the town, there are excellent food choices and locations to stay!

The city takes its name from the Irish hymn “Bangor,” which is claimed to be a favorite of local preacher Seth Noble. Bangor, Maine, was incorporated in 1791, despite its initial name of Sunbury.

Early settlers were drawn to the area because there were many fishing and fur trading opportunities. When the nineteenth century arrived, the woodlands around Bangor, Maine, were a key business that generated significant wealth.

Maine developed into the lumber center of the world. One of its key industries is still based on trees, pulp, and paper. Bangor has additionally developed into one of the state’s main urban areas. And one of its greatest populated, having a population of around 32,000.

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1. Mount Hope Cemetery

The famed Mount Hope Cemetery has been on the National Register of Historic Places. Since 1974 and was even featured in Stephen King’s landmark 1989 film “Pet Sematary.” The region is pretty lovely. Tourists can stroll around the historical, tree-lined reasons established approximately two hundred years ago.

Mount Hope was among the first garden cemeteries to be created in America. Aside from the trees and garden walkways, the rural region includes a quiet pond. As well as some amazing buildings and artistic decorations. When you arrive in the fall, the environment is warmed by gorgeous tones of crimson, amber, and gold.

2. Orono Bog Boardwalk

The Orono Bog Boardwalk is a peaceful, 1-mile circle trail surrounded by beautiful foliage. It begins at the edge of the Bangor City Forest and passes through the Orono Bog for much of the loop, where lush flora such as peat moss blankets the ground.

The trail is wheelchair-friendly while there are plenty of benches to rest and take in the scenery throughout the route. If you wish to learn anything concerning the area’s distinctive flora and fauna, look for informative signs throughout the trail. Plan to visit this Bangor, Maine site when the weather is warmer. It’s closed throughout the winter.

3. Cascade Park

Cascade Park serves as one of Bangor, Maine’s biggest attraction parks. The beautiful park on State Street has plenty of tables for barbecues. Natural paths for walking or running, as well as a gorgeous gazebo. There are also a pair of famous water fountains: one is encircled by a small pond and has a pedestrian bridge.

While the other boasts a man-made waterfall that stands more than 20 feet tall. Keep an eye out for deer as you travel through woodland trails and nature areas! It’s an excellent park for finding a peaceful, pleasant location to read a book or eat outside on a blanket. check here Allegiant Airlines Check-in rules.

4. Penobscot River Walkway

The Penobscot River Walkway is wheelchair friendly. The half-mile asphalt jogging track winds across Bangor’s Waterfront Park. Enjoy an early-morning or afternoon stroll with stunning vistas of the Penobscot River; the route is close to it.

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Visit during the spring, summer, and fall for a unique experience each time. The autumn colors make a stunning backdrop against the river. Staying for a while? Watch a show at the Maine Savings Amphitheater. It’s a popular concert and live entertainment venue near the river!

5. Ice Fishing

Anglers can enjoy this risky fishing approach, which is part of traditional Maine culture, during the winter. Ice fishing has been taught down through the centuries. If you’re looking for a different experience fishing on the ice. Jim Neville Outdoors offers guided ice fishing trips led by professional guides.

Feel the excitement when fish under the ice grab baits, causing flags to bob! The enjoyable four-hour tour can accommodate up to three fishermen per party. Much of the day will be spent on hard water, but don’t worry, you’ll still be able to warm up. The tour group offers a shelter where you may warm yourself with hot coffee, listen to music, play cards, and unwind.

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