The Science Behind Songs Going Trending on the Social-Media

social media channels

The present world of social media is ever-growing. Therefore, it is quite a useful tool of fame. However, it does require tireless efforts as well. Thus, the celebrities today are closely connected to such platforms. Moreover, social media is also a vital source to connect with fans. Therefore, deceased classical artists like Sharafat Ali Khan Baloch will live on. His online available tracks are still widely played tracks.

What’s more, social media platforms require undivided attention as well. Therefore, one must constantly upload content on it. Furthermore, today sites like YouTube and Spotify have made record-keeping easier. These sites display viewership of the content too. Apart from this, songs usually receive more views if there are successful collaborations. Thus, fans hit Nasha Sajna Da mp3 download button repeatedly. Since, Malkoo and Gulaab’s joint collaboration served well.

The social media has brought fame to many artists out there. Therefore, it makes one wonder at the reasons behind such glory. And the following reasons come to mind.

Unique composition

The social media can bring either fame or defame. However, the crucial first step is to produce creative content like no other. Thus, many Indie artists are earning fame through this today. One such singer, who cashed this idea is Abdul Hannan. His songs’ titles usually have a single Urdu-word and the whole composition revolves around that word. Thus, soon enough most of his tracks like Iraaday, and Bikhra crashed the ranking charts.

Furthermore, a lot of rap artists are constantly in the limelight. All these rappers choose contemporary themes and highlight the pressing issues. They also bring mesmerizing lyrics, making listeners star-struck. Such artists include Bohemia, Faris Shafi, Talha Anjum, Fakhar-e-Alam, and Hasan Raheem. These musicians have elevated the Hip-Hop music world-wide. For instance, Hasan Raheem’s Joona has became viral on TikTok, expanding his fandom. His other songs are also making their permanent mark in the music industry.

Collaborated works

This is another secret-to-success on social media sites. A lot of shining gems in the industry have put out their collaborated works. For instance, Aima Baig, initially performed in duets with popular singers. However, recently she brought out her famous solo song, Funkari. Apart from this, sometimes collaborations can prove to be full of surprises. For example, Abida Parveen and Naseebo Lal’s Tu Jhoom song was an excellent track. However, the vocalists were considered odd together yet it won 72M+ views on YouTube.

Additionally, fusion music is also quite popular right now. Therefore, some musicians from diverse genres merge their art to produce something rare. An example of this is Tamasha – a song that won 17M+ views. Both Sajjad Ali and Bohemia rose to fame through this song. The track combines Sajjad Ali’s classical touch and Bohemia’s mind-blowing rapping power. Thus, the song showcases how some different collaborations can also produce fruitful results.

Social media Craze

Some social media sites are all the rage these days. Therefore, the TikTok craze is in the air. There are many active users on that platform. Every day, common people use certain songs for their videos. Among them, most go viral and so does the song. This is another secret to glory. Musicians today can reach out to more people through such sites. Another way is when YouTubers use songs over certain dramas or movie clips and upload the video. This also helps the track reach new heights of glory.

Burning passion

The passionate vocalists truly receive fame out there. Social media platforms have provided opportunities to diverse artists. And thus, the musicians elevate their music career. Shae Gill made her name in the music industry through the Instagram. She was a cover artist but had a burning passion for music. Thus, she brought new content on her viewers’ requests. Soon, her debut song – Pasoori came out. And it took the top place in the 2023’s trending charts. Thus, a passionate artist just needs to post their work online. The rest is done by the social media platforms.

Power of Hashtags

Social media is able to establish direct link to an audience. Therefore, any artist could reach out to a huge crowd easily. Fortunately, a lot of social media platforms allow the use of hashtags. These sites include TikTok, YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. The hashtags could help a lot to categorize content and promote it easily. Since, hashtags make search tabs to pull out all the related content out.

Consequently, many music legends are still using this method. These hashtags could be simply “#pakistanimusic” or “#music”. Moreover, musicians can also use their song’s central idea in their hashtags. This could increase the chances of their song showing up in more searches. Presently, a lot of singers are stealing the limelight on social medias like Instagram. Popular Instagram profiles include, Hasan_raheem, Zouqan, Annuralkhalid, and so on. These singers form a large number of exemplary artists out there. Their popularity is somewhat also due to the use of powerful yet common hashtags.


In conclusion, the social media is a powerful asset today. It is a gateway to instant fame. Thus, this blog unveils the reasons that make songs go viral on such platforms. Primarily, an artist’s best weapon of expression is his artwork. Thus, extraordinary compositions of Abdul Hannan, or Bohemia, set them apart from the others. Apart from the content, teamwork is another key point to level-up one’s game. Therefore, a lot of artists have jointly produced various masterpieces in the Pakistani music industry. Hence, Abida Parveen and Naseebo Lal’s Tu Jhoom made some huge waves. Likewise, Sajad Ali and Bohemia’s Tamasha stirred up the industry after its release.

Besides these, there are some social media sites that are popular now. There are many active users on these sites on a daily basis. These could also power-up one’s popularity-meter. Since, the TiKTok craze is in the air, musicians can cash this opportunity. Through TikTok, their songs can rank as trending tracks in no time. Another merit is in using one’s passion. Thus, Shae Gill became a top trending singer through Instagram. Finally, most social media sites use hashtags which help to optimize search results. Thus, all these reasons are real deal behind trending social media tracks out there.