The Most Common Reasons for Windshield Cracks That Demand Windshield Replacement in Broken Arrow

Windshield Replacements in Broken Arrow
Windshield Replacements in Broken Arrow

Windshield cracks usually occur due to the impact of rocks, stones, and debris that are propelled by the tires of surrounding vehicles, making them the most frequent cause of such damage. Though windshields are designed to be sturdy and long-lasting, external agents, accidents, temperature variations, and carelessness can cause damage to these sturdy protection sheaths. Windshields provide structural integrity to cars, and their correct installation is extremely necessary for airbags to open up in case of an accident. Windshields are a prime safety feature of cars and thus should be given proper care and consideration while driving a car.

Here in this guide, we will let you know the most common reasons for windshield cracks and how you can avoid the same:

Usage of poor-quality glass 

One of the most prominent reasons behind windshield cracks is the use of poor and inferior quality glass during the manufacture of your car windshields. If your car windshield cracks without any probable reason, most of the time, the manufacturer is the one who should be blamed. The use of poor-quality glass for the manufacture of windshields can fall prey to even the slightest stress, causing the windshields to crack abruptly. And the only option you would be left with in such a case is to get it replaced. But, ensure that you always get a good quality windshield as a replacement or you will have to go through the same phase again. 

Poor installation of windshields

Did you opt for a windshield replacement recently but have again witnessed a crack on the windshield? Then, your mechanic is probably the one to be blamed. There is a high chance that you may not have taken your car to a professional, and they may not have installed the glass correctly to fit into the frame properly. Such inexperience in installation can make the windshields to become loose and can also pose a safety hazard for the ones occupying the car.

Also, while you drive at high speed, the vibrations caused by high speed can result in cracks, further damaging the windshield. In such a case, again, you will have to head for windshield replacement in Broken Arrow to get the issue resolved. But make sure that you visit a professional for handing over such a task because windshield replacement can be costly, and encountering such an issue time and again can drain oodles of money from your pocket. On the contrary, professional mechanics can fix the windshields better, ensuring their safety and prolonged service. 


Accidents are also a major reason behind windshield cracks. By saying this, we mean not just car collisions but also unintended accidents, such as a ball flying and rolling down on your windshield. If you live in a place where there are kids who indulge in cricket and other game sessions, there are high chances that their ball, frisbee, or any other gaming utilities may land down on your glass windshields, cracking it apart. Thus, it is always a good idea to park your cars in a garage or any other safe place where there are no such chances of witnessing such an accident.

Driving on roads where construction work is taking place

While driving, you may also pass through various roads where construction work is underway. This implies that such roads are prone to have lots of gravel, construction stones, dirt, debris, and other construction materials being used at such sites. Thus, while driving on such roads, make sure that you stay at bay from loading vehicles and trucks because there are high chances that big vehicles may step on such stones and may come flying to your car windshields, causing cracks and damage to the windshield. Thus, consider switching lanes wherever possible or maintain enough distance from such vehicles.

Tree accidents

It always sounds convenient to park under the shade, and usually, people choose tree shade for car parking. While there is nothing wrong with doing that, an unlucky day can cost you a lot. Parking under trees makes your cars vulnerable to falling objects.

While keeping your cars parked under trees, broken branches, nuts, or fruits may fall on your car windshields with high impact, creating cracks and scratches. This will further affect the visibility of the car driver and may cause potential damage to the windscreens. So park your cars in a garage, and when outside, park your cars at proper parking lots or wherever you can find shade but not under the tree. 


We hope that this guide gives you an idea about the probable reasons that can result in windshield cracks. So, make sure that you avoid making such mistakes in order to prevent your cars from undergoing windshield damage. However, if by chance your cars fall prey to such damages and windshields crack, make sure that you reach out to a professional for repair or windshield replacement in Broken Arrow.