Now Insulation of a Shipping Container is Easy with PVC Wall Panels


Shipping containers are ubiquitous as they have redefined global trade to a new level. The introduction of containerization has brought a paradigm shift in the supply chain concept. They are intermodal containers designed to transport commodities and raw materials from one place to another. In addition, the prevalence of shipping containers leads to efficiency and cost savings throughout the supply chain. The tracking of the shipping containers is usually done with IoT (Internet of Things) devices, unique codes, and other computerized systems. 

However, the rigid construction of shipping containers also needs effective maintenance. A thorough inspection adds longevity to the shipping containers. Vinyl shipping container wall panels have earned the badge for being ideal for shipping containers. PVC wall panels act as a protective layer for shipping containers against external hazards. These ground-breaking PVC panels protect the stored items from environmental and structural flaws. PVC wall panels are also perfect for retrofitting containers into commercial and living spaces. 

PVC Wall Panels Prevent Moisture Seepage-Here is the Reason 

Shipping containers are enclosed structures that highly become prone to moisture. Furthermore, the constant motion of shipping containers causes the inner structure to crack easily. As a result, it allows the soaking of moisture inside the shipping containers. The rise of humidity takes place inside the shipping containers. Shielding the shipping containers with drywall or plywood would not give a permanent solution for eliminating the moisture. 

PVC wall and ceiling panels are useful for eliminating excessive moisture growth. Unlike FRP panels, PVC walls and ceiling panels do not contain a backer below. The absence of a backer makes them excellent moisture-resistance panels. PVC shipping container ceiling panels offer the perfect remedy for fixing moist shipping containers. 

Flawless Fire-Resistant Panels 

Shipping containers need certain measures to avoid serious fire hazards. We recommend building fireproof shipping containers with PVC wall and ceiling panels. PVC wall panels have a standard class-A fire-grade feature that can resist fire accidents for 1-hour. They do not even produce toxic gases when exposed to fire. 

Hassle-Free Installation Process 

PVC wall and ceiling panels do not follow the complex installation process. PVC panel boards are cut precisely before the installation. Moreover, the tongue and groove interlocking technology enables PVC panels to fix to the studs without any need for screws and adhesives. Hiring one certified local contractor can easily install the PVC wall panels in 7-8 hours. 

Attractive-Looking Panels- Stay Pristine for Many Years 

PVC wall and ceiling panels usually come in white that does not tend to show signs of discoloration. Besides, they do not fade away easily. The integration of hidden fasteners gives the PVC wall panels an appealing look. Moreover, high-grade PVC wall panels have a standard lifespan of more than 40 years. They can even live up to 100 years with occasional maintenance only. 

You can easily wipe out the PVC wall and ceiling panels with mild soap and soft cotton or muslin cloth. 

Duramax Provides You with High-Quality PVC Panels for Lifelong Insulation 

Duramax PVC Wall Panels have been conquering the market for the last 40 years. We have received accolades over the years with our premium range of PVC wall and ceiling panels. Our CFIA –certified and FDA-compliant PVC wall panels are 100% moisture-proof, fire-resistant, and eco-friendly. Besides, Duramax PVC Wall Panels have an antibacterial coating that prevents mold and mildew growth. Duramax PVC Panels are a one-time investment and give you high-end insulation solutions in the long run. 

Shop Duramax PVC Wall Panels Online 

You can visit the Duramax PVC Wall Panels website and explore our array of PVC wall and ceiling panels. Duramax PVC Wall Panels have ½ inch thickness that can be customized in different lengths. Our PVC wall and ceiling panels are dispatched from our on-site USA-based factory to your location in two weeks at our factory-priced rates. Invest in Duramax PVC Wall Panels today and save 50% of the labor and 40% of the material costs easily. 

Final Words 

You can request a free sample and study more about the traits of PVC ceiling panels. You can call us at 323-991-7507 and discuss your commercial paneling needs with our experts today.