How To Make Yelp Pages Work For Your Digital Business To Serve As Your Directory Listing Online?

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Find the ways to use modern day business directory like Yelp pages to boost your online business

Yelp is one of the most popular directories for businesses looking to increase their local consumer base. It now functions as a business directory to assist customers in identifying businesses in nearby locations using smartphones. According to an authentic study, 97 percent of web visitors are very keen to by products and services after browsing a Yelp business page. It’s another justified reason to include Yelp in your directory listing. As per another poll, 93 percent of customers use Yelp to compare commercial establishments before making a purchase. Owning a Yelp company page can help you boost your marketing strategy, particularly in terms of local marketing.

As a result, more local clients will visit your business, increasing your conversion rate. Being a leading Yelp Advertising Agency in Los Angeles Small Biz Web Design Studio strongly advises their clients to develop and enhance their Yelp business to increase local traffic and conversion. Let us assist you with a few tips on enhancing your Yelp Business Page as a Certified Yelp Advertising Partner.

  1. Update the Details on Your Business Page

First, you must edit your Yelp page’s business information. It contains your company name, phone number, retail address, and website details. This information will be used by Yelp to determine whether your business is suitable for a user’s search query in Los Angeles. Keeping this in mind, double-check that the information you have provided on your Yelp business profile matches what you have on your website.

  1. Add Services and Business Categories

The Categories and Services section of your Yelp company profile is another critical element to modify. This information will assist Yelp in determining your business’s mode of operation and will be displayed to search visitors seeking a service or product similar to yours. Each business page on Yelp has the option of selecting three business categories. Choose these three classifications that aptly represent your company and the services you provide to customers. Concentrate on one primary category rather than a vast industry.

  1. Include Your Service Area Here

You can also add service territories to your Yelp business page. This data supports Yelp in connecting you with the dependable local customers in the service regions you have specified.

Follow the procedures below to add your company’s Service Area:

  • Go to the dashboard of your Yelp Business Page.
  • Navigate to Business Information.
  • Select the Add Service Area option.
  • Type in the city names or zip codes.
  • When you’re finished, click Save and Publish.
  1. Add subtitles to your business photos

69 percent of web consumers want to examine photographs and costs of completed projects, according to research. Including images of your company, projects, and team allows customers to learn more about your brand. Visual material allows customers to get a full image of what your company has to offer. However, be sure that the photographs you submit are of high quality. When submitting images to your Yelp company profile, another suggestion is to include subtitles. Describe what is happening in the image and make it look interesting.

  1. Include Business Expertise

Another valuable feature to update on your Yelp Business Page is your company’s area of expertise. You can use specialties to highlight all the additional services your company provides to its customers. It will assist your business page stand out from the crowd in terms of optimization. Consumers are more likely to trust your brand if they learn more about it.

Follow these procedures to include Specialties to the Yelp Business Page:

  • Visit your Yelp Business Page and sign in.
  • Go to the section, namely Business Information.
  • Click Add Specialties and fill out the form.
  • When you’re finished, click Save Changes.
  1. Keep Your Business History Updated

The “Business History” page of your profile should also be updated. You can tell visitors more about your brand equity and aspirations by sharing your company’s history and background in this segment. While adding details about your company’s history, make it as interesting as possible so that Yelp users will go through it.

  1. Revise the Section “Meet the Owner or Manager

Consumers are more likely to trust your brand if they discover who controls or runs it. You can edit the Meet the Owner or Manager page on Yelp. It is also beneficial for consumers to identify whom to contact when they approach your company.

  1. Include Working Hours

Another way to improve your Yelp Business Page is to update your working hours so users know when they may visit your real location. You can also include weekend and holiday hours on your page. Apart from your business zones, it’s also important to list your business hours. It’s mandatory to inform Yelp users about the ideal times to visit your business.

Adding delivery services or takeout to your business hours is also a smart option. You can also include weekend and holiday hours to your schedule. Once your business hours are established, Yelp users will see a banner on the Yelp Business Page that highlights the normal and special hours.

  1. Retain Control of Your Response Times

Although not proven, it’s believed that Yelp’s ranking system includes business message reaction times. In any case, if you appear towards the top of Yelp results but not at the peak, and you have a rapid response time indicator that other businesses don’t have, you’ll almost certainly receive that extra lead!

  1. Make Every Effort to Uncover “Secret” Reviews

If a person doesn’t have an adequate profile or Yelp feels anything else about it appears shady, their outstanding, optimization-friendly review may be hidden. Interact with this particular person by adding him as an acquaintance on Yelp or sending him a message thanking him for his valuable review and potentially urging him to go through your other favorite local businesses. It will increase the probability of Yelp unlocking the review by making the profile more visible.

  1. Regularly Upload Keyword-Friendly Images

Make sure you’re regularly uploading images of all your products and services to your business page. The idea is to use a keyword-friendly name for the photo files instead of something conventional like IMG 012. png. It’s a better label because it permits you to address both the keyword and the location repeatedly.

  1. Use Your Yelp Page to Interact With Customers

The final step is to improve your Business Yelp Page after you have changed all the important bits. Whether you subscribe to an Enhanced Business Profile, activate Yelp Ads, or keep your free account. You may utilize Yelp in a variety of ways to attract clients to your business. Begin with making sure your Yelp page is up to the mark. All information should be up to date.


Not sure if enhancing the ranks of your Yelp page is worthwhile? It’s easy to understand why Yelp is a must-have for any startup business when you contemplate that most people are persuaded by social proof (reviews). They like to accept support from friends, and instant search through mobile gadgets is finally superseding desktop search. Whether you like it or not, it’s here to stay for long!