How Sunland Roofer helps to repair your old roof

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The roof plays a major role in determining the strength of your house. Hence, you need to protect your roof by taking good care of it. You can inspect your roof and get the issues fixed as soon as you notice any roof damage. If you are confused about how to inspect your roof to detect the issues then you can contact a professional roofer in your location.

If you are searching for a trusted Sunland roofer, then you should contact Five Roofing. So, let us understand how Sunland roofer helps to repair your roof.

They identify the Problem

First, your roofer inspects your roof to find out the sagging area on your roof. Your roofing contractor inspects your roof decking and rafters in those areas where they notice sagging. Then inspect the plywood gusset which is installed in the area where wood connects to a truss. They identify all the damage including rot and crack.


Fix the Rafter or Truss

To fix the rafter, a roofer can use the ‘L’ channel to bring back the rafter into its original shape. They drill four holes in every side of ‘L’. Remove pieces of wood with the chisel and mount the ‘L’ into the rafter at the end. Then, they fasten the end of the channel with washers and bolts in the holes that they have drilled earlier. Move the broken piece into place. The gap between the rafter and the channel should be 1 ½ “– 2”. Then they tighten the bottom bolts farthest from the crack and the back bolt until it is close to the channel ad then tighten the front bolt until the rafter becomes secured. They follow the same procedure with other holes.


Fix the Gusset Plate

To fix the gusset plate, they remove and replace the plate with a new plywood gusset and attach the gusset to all the sides of the wood using nails.


Fix the roof decking

A professional roofer repairs a damaged decking by cutting ½ inch piece of plywood to cover the damaged area between rafters. Then, they glue the foam onto the plywood and place it keeping the foam side up. They place the plywood on the roof decking and ush the plywood until the foam touches the roof decking.


Repair the damaged roof shingles

If you have poor water drainage on your roof due to the clogged gutters, then it will surely damage the roof shingles. Shingles may also get damaged due to storms and the branches of your trees if there are any trees around your property. A roof inspector will detect the problem and find out the reason for such damage. He will also instruct you to sort out those problems and get your shingles replaced to prevent any further issues.

Fix the damaged flashing

Flashing deterioration can cause similar problems like loose seams. Snow accumulation on the roof can cause rust, dents, or holes in your roof. Hence, you should know that it’s time to replace your roof or repair your roof to prevent any further decay. If the problem is not addressed timely then it will cause leaks in your home. So, a professional can identify the issue after inspecting it thoroughly and get it fixed as soon as possible.

Fix the structural issues on your roof

A professional roofer will inspect if your roof has some installation problems or not. If there are any installation or maintenance issues then they will address the problem and get it resolved as soon as possible. They will rectify the structural issues on your roof that might cause corrosion or water leakage during extreme weather conditions like frozen rain and snowfall.


A sagging roof is one of the major causes of roof decay and roof damage. Hence, you need to check for possible water damage after a snowfall or heavy rain. This will help detect if there is any water damage on your roof.