How ADU Builders in San Diego Design the Perfect Granny Flat

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An additional living area or dwelling unit on your property is often known as a granny flat. Also, you can call them supplementary suites or ADUs (accessory dwelling units). These were traditionally a place for older family members to relocate. It kept them independent while having homely support. However, today’s granny flats provide homeowners with a wide range of options.

Some of these apartments are constructed as an addition to a larger building. You can build a granny flat above a garage or in your property’s basement. Or you can get one installed on the same property, say in the backyard, as a standalone unit. San Diego Homeowners can build a granny flat successfully with the help of a reliable and experienced ADU contractor. If you are looking for the best ADU builders in San Diego, you may visit, where you will get all the information concerning an ADU or granny flat.


You must give your granny flat design great thought if you want to see a good return on your investment. Are you uncertain about where to begin? Continue reading to learn the five crucial phases in designing granny flats:

  1. Your Budget

It is crucial to consider the type of finances you are planning. It makes it easier to design a granny flat that you can afford in real-time. You want to develop a high-quality design. So, if you have a limited budget, stick to the basics and complete your project seamlessly. Making financial sacrifices with lots of innovations will not be beneficial in the long run.

  1. Layout

You can focus on granny flat floor designs once you’ve determined the dimensions of the unit you are going to develop. Being completely self-sufficient is one of the key features of a granny flat. It caters to the following:

  • Separate entrance
  • A kitchen
  • A bathroom
  • More than one bedroom
  • A living space
  • Laundry facilities

Most floor plans keep living and dining areas open to maximize the unit’s space. If your building authority approves, some layouts can even include a loft. You can utilize it for storage or as extra sleeping space.

You can look at a variety of alternative floor plan templates from several seasoned ADU companies such as ADU Contractors. However, the onus lies on you to build your custom granny flats to your specific needs.

Outsourcing Your Project

You may start implementing your designs after you get them finalized. Most Homeowners lack the necessary expertise to be able to do this. Fortunately, skilled ADU professionals like ADU contractors in San Diego are available to materialize your concept. Only you have to approach the best service provider!

It may feel like a decent way to save your investments if you decide to do the work yourself. Still, it would be a risky proposition if you don’t have the required expertise and experience to build your granny flat.

  1. Check Local Constraints

Before you begin the construction of your granny flat in San Diego, an ADU building company like ADU Contractors can assist you with meeting the local building codes. Investing substantially in a property you have to demolish is the last thing you want to do! Further, you may contact the local council or the planning permission bureau if you have any questions about the building limitations in your locality.

Consider Interior Décor in Advance

You should keep your eventual interior design in mind as you build your granny apartment. You can reveal your interior design layout to your design-build contractor before the work is underway. The building materials you select might also influence your interior design patterns. It’s critical to pick a design for your granny flat and stay with it through the project timeline. Things will get complicated if you chop and change your internal design concepts in the middle.


As you’ll see, there are many considerations to make while designing a granny flat. Planning and giving intensive thought to your design will help you build an elegant granny flat on your San Diego property.