Don’t Miss Out: Essential Facts About Eyebrow Threading

eyebrow threading edgware
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Your brows can have a huge effect on your overall look. And, while some people go through the pain and struggle to attain perfect brows, there is an easier and more effective option: brow threading! Now you may say goodbye to the days of spending time and even being scarred to achieve the perfect brow shape. Eyebrow threading has made it easier and faster to achieve the perfect arches. However, if you have never tried eyebrow threading and have no idea how it works, this article will teach you everything you need to know about this popular brow hair removal technique. 

What is Eyebrow Threading?

Eyebrow threading is a centuries-old technique that involves using a thread to remove unwanted hair from the eyebrow area, right from the follicle. Unlike other methods like waxing, threading is known for its precision and effectiveness. Ladies hairdressers in Edgware have embraced this method for its cost-effectiveness and minimal discomfort compared to alternatives like waxing.

Eyebrow Threading: What You Can Expect

It won’t take as much time.

The brow threading process will take approximately 10 minutes. If you want your brows threaded, there’s no reason not to do it because it will take very little of your time. However, while you can fit it into your hectic schedule, keep in mind that the skin surrounding your brows may get red immediately after the procedure.

The cost of eyebrow threading varies.

Brow threading costs vary, much like other salon services. However, it is around the same price as brow waxing and far cheaper than microblading.

It comes with few side effects.

As with other beauty treatments, brow threading has little adverse effects. Although the procedure is normally not painful, you should expect slight complications such as the following:

  • Redness: This is a typical and transitory side effect that goes away within an hour or two.
  • Sensitivity: This is another brief side effect of brow threading that may manifest as a sneeze or wet eyes. While these are frequently uncontrollable, there’s no need to panic because they’re caused by sensitivity.

Skin Preparation Tips Before Eyebrow Threading

Before your eyebrow threading appointment, it’s essential to prepare your skin to minimise any potential discomfort. 

  • Avoid Exfoliation: It’s recommended to avoid using exfoliating products on the day of your eyebrow threading appointment to prevent heightened sensitivity and severe redness.
  • Stay Hydrated: Ensure your skin is well-hydrated before threading to minimise sensitivity reactions during the procedure. Hydrated skin is more resilient to pressure and pulling.
  • Skip Makeup: Keep your face makeup-free, especially around the eyes and eyebrows, to facilitate a smoother and more precise threading process. Talcum powder can help absorb excess oils for better results.
  • Numb Your Brows: Use ice cold water to wash your face before threading and gently massage your eyebrows with an ice cube. This numbing technique can reduce discomfort, particularly beneficial for those with low pain tolerance.
eyebrow threading edgware
IMAGE SOURCE: Touch and Glow Beauty Clinic Ltd

Eyebrow Threading Pros and Cons: Your Questions Answered

Before scheduling an appointment for eyebrow threading Edgware, weigh the pros and cons. Here’s a brief overview addressing the benefits and drawbacks of this technique to help you make an informed decision.


  • It is a sanitary technique
  • It does not need heat or other chemicals.
  • It works nicely for all skin types.
  • This method is safe for the skin 
  • It allows for precise hair removal.
  • In some cases, permanent results are obtained.
  • It is a cost-effective approach.
  • The side effects are temporary.


  • Unlike waxing, brow threading is only done on the face.
  • People who have sensitive skin may experience pain.
  • It must be done with care and accuracy for the best results.

7 Reasons to Choose Eyebrow Threading

1. Hygienic Process: Eyebrow threading is a completely sanitary procedure, minimising skin-to-skin contamination as only the thread comes into contact with your skin.

2. Precise Brow Shaping: This method allows for precise shaping by removing individual brow hairs from the follicle, ensuring a defined and natural arch with no stray hairs left behind.

3. Minimal Maintenance: Threading removes unwanted hairs at once, leading to easier and faster makeup routines and less frequent maintenance. You can skip tweesing for weeks until your next appointment, simplifying your morning routine.

4. Time-Efficient: The entire process takes less than 10 minutes, with multiple brow hairs being removed simultaneously. Even those with less unruly brows can expect quick completion.

5. Comfortable Procedure: Contrary to popular belief, threading is not a painful procedure, often only causing mild discomfort rather than unbearable pain associated with waxing.

6. Chemical-Free: Threading is safe for sensitive skin as it doesn’t involve the use of chemicals, minimising the risk of irritation or swelling.

7. Slows Down Hair Growth: By removing brow hairs from the roots, threading helps slow down hair regrowth, resulting in thinner hair growth over time with regular sessions.

Eyebrow Threading Tips: Rules to Keep in Mind

To ensure a successful eyebrow threading experience, it’s essential to follow a few key tips. 

  • Clear Communication: Ensure clear communication with your aesthetician regarding your desired brow shape to achieve the desired results.
  • Makeup-Free: Avoid wearing makeup on the appointment day to facilitate a smoother threading process and prevent clogged pores.
  • Exfoliate: Consider exfoliating before your appointment to reduce the risk of ingrown hairs and promote smoother threading.
  • Post-Threading Care: Soothe any redness or irritation post-threading by applying aloe vera gel, known for its calming properties.

Eyebrow Products That Enhance Threading Results

After your eyebrow threading appointment, enhance your results with high-quality eyebrow products. From brow brushes to defining waxes, Touch and Glow Beauty Clinic Ltd offers a range of products to help you maintain and enhance your newly threaded brows. These products are designed to provide natural-looking results and complement your unique beauty.


Unlocking the beauty secret of perfect eyebrows is now easier than ever with eyebrow threading. At Touch and Glow Beauty Clinic Ltd in Edgware, we pride ourselves on offering top-notch eyebrow threading services that deliver exceptional results. Say goodbye to tedious maintenance and hello to beautifully shaped brows with our expert threading techniques. Join us at Touch and Glow Beauty Clinic Ltd and experience the epitome of beauty and professionalism in Edgware’s vibrant beauty scene.