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Working with an SEO web writing freelancer as a brand or as a service provider is a good way to develop your natural referencing and improve your visibility on Google. You gain in customers and turnover.

In any case, this is the message that you will find hammered all over the web. If it’s true – using a freelance SEO web writing can really boost your online visibility and your turnover – there are a lot of things to know before getting started. In this article, I will share with you my way of working and my experience as an SEO web editor, as well as keys and tools to better understand the work of an SEO web editor.

 Why this theme?  As a freelance web writer for ten years and a blogger here since 2015, I wanted to share with you one of the facets of my professional activity. Always interested in new collaborations, this is also an opportunity to show you my way of working if you would like us to work together on your project!



Writing and more specifically web writing is used as part of different marketing strategies to develop your business. The best known is the increase in natural referencing (known as SEO) but there are others, notably storytelling and copy writing. Because these two terms come up regularly, I will also mention them in this section.

Understanding SEO

Increasing natural referencing, also called SEO (search engine optimization), is the act of optimizing your site so that it is naturally (i.e. without paying) offered to people who carry out searches. It is very interesting to have your site well positioned on Google (let’s be honest, it’s the search engine that interests you the most!) since this will help increase visits and sales linked to your activity.

The three pillars of SEO are based

  1. The technical architecture of the site: the software that supports the site (WordPress, Prestashop, Shopify, etc.), the speed of the site, the fact that the site is accessible or not on mobile… all these elements impact SEO.
  2. Site content: the site must contain keywords and quality texts in order to be well positioned when searches are carried out. It is essential to have a real content strategy to make your site visible – this is where the web editor has a huge influence.
  3. The positioning of the site on the web: a site connected to other sites in its sector and shared on high quality sites (media, sites with influence and a good Google rating) will tend to be well positioned.


Have you also heard of SEA and SMO?

The abbreviation SEA stands for “Search Engine Advertisement”. These are the contents that appear with the word Sponsored at the start of the results on the Google search page. In general, it is not necessarily web editors who manage this type of mission even if it is not incompatible (the creation of advertisements requires both good knowledge of the Google tool but also the mastery of words and key words). For my part, I talk about it again at the end of this article, I regularly work with companies to generate their ads and develop their SEA strategy.

The abbreviation SMO, for its part, corresponds to “Social Media Optimization” (optimization of content on social networks). The goal? Reach as many people as possible via social networks by understanding user requests but also knowing the particularities and algorithm of each network! Web editors are not necessarily required to work on these subjects – this work is more that of social media managers. My agency can support you on these aspects, I’ll talk about it a little later.

What does SEO web writing mean?

SEO web writing is a type of writing which consists of knowing how to create content optimized for the web and search engines. There are indeed many writing rules for both the web and SEO (keywords are only a tiny part of what we call SEO web writing).

In bulk:

  • The architecture of an article and its metadata
  • The number of words needed in an article
  • The main keyword and secondary keywords
  • The way of processing images (it is not always the web editor who manages this part but it is still essential in terms of SEO)

Storytelling, personal branding and copywriting?

The terms storytelling, personal branding and copywriting appear regularly in content related to writing, web writing and content creation. If they are not all covered by web editors, it seemed important to me to talk about them here.

Story telling

Story telling is a marketing technique which consists of telling a story around a brand or a product to sell it better. The idea is increasingly strong that we are not buying a possession, an object, but a story and an experience. Story telling adapts to this way of consuming. Story telling is not the work of people practicing SEO web writing. In general, it is the prerogative of the founders of brands, as well as the designers surrounding them. The web editor is called upon to put the story told into words, as part of the About page of a site or on the product sheets.

Memoir writing services is a unique blend of creativity, empathy, and storytelling prowess. Memoir writers take on the responsibility of being custodians of personal histories, translating them into narratives that resonate with a wider audience. Whether capturing tales of resilience, love, or adventure, memoir writers play a vital role in preserving and sharing the richness of human experiences.

Personal branding

Personal branding is also a marketing technique. It’s about putting yourself forward and making yourself a brand. This is a technique used by many stars and influencers-content creators. More and more entrepreneurs are using personal branding to showcase themselves in their entrepreneurial lives to promote their brand and their products. Again, personal branding is not the work of web editors – it is often the initiative of the people themselves. However, the web editor may be the person called upon to write blog articles, newsletters or Instagram posts to develop a person’s personal branding.


Copywriting, finally, is a marketing technique consisting of writing to sell. It involves developing a specific sales pitch, most often on sales pages. You will find this way of writing in newsletters, in automatic email suites and in training sales. Infopreneurs have mastered the art of creating sales pages! Copywriting is the prerogative of certain web editors but it is a different expertise from SEO writing: the goal is not to provide information and answer a question but to push for sales. If we place ourselves in the context of a sales funnel, we could say that SEO web writing comes before copywriting: SEO web writing allows you to make yourself known to the future client, while copywriting allows you to sell to the person who already knows us.

Web writing and SEO: is it for you and your business?

It’s difficult to say or deny that you need SEO writing services for your business. Certain sectors are therefore more conducive than others for SEO writing. Some examples of digital communication strategy follow – note that these are particularly broad points and will always need to be refined.

The plumbing sector

SEO is interesting in this sector as the ads are expensive when you use paid referencing (count 5 to 7€ for a click on your site!).

The fashion and jewelry sector

Fashion and jewelry are an ultra-competitive sector where it is very difficult to stand out (omnipresence on social networks, omnipresence on Google Shopping, etc.). However, it is possible, with a brand that is different or very specialized, to make itself visible online via SEO.

The CBD sector

Having acquired very strong experience in the CBD sector, it is impressive to realize to what extent SEO is a massive development weapon in this sector. Moreover, all sites fight to obtain the best positioning on Google.

The sectors of publishing, writing, reading

These sectors can greatly benefit from SEO, because the users (the people who will consume the written content) are naturally readers. These are people who are not frightened by words and who will appreciate an article that answers their question(s). It’s all about knowing their questions!

Sectors where teaching is important

More broadly, all sectors where the need for education is important (food, sexuality, cosmetics, etc.) are very favorable to SEO. Indeed, Google is the first tool people turn to when looking for information and solutions.

If you want the development of a more or less long-term communication strategy and consider SEO as a possibility, do not hesitate to contact me: my agency works on natural referencing, paid referencing and optimization on social networks. One of these solutions will definitely be interesting for your development!