The Ultimate Guide To Measuring For Plantation Shutters

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Plantation shutters provide classic beauty, practicality, and increased property value to any kind of home. Knowing how to measure for plantation shutters is essential if you want the ideal fit and visual appeal, whether you’re remodelling or designing a new area. We explore the subtleties of measuring for plantation shutters in this extensive guide, with special attention to the dynamic Sunshine Coast, where these shutters offer a touch of refinement and coastal charm. Shutters in Sunshine Coast are a well-liked option for homeowners looking to add flair and utility to their living areas because of their adaptability and resilience to the coastal environment.

Understanding Plantation Shutters

However, to fully appreciate the entire measurement process, let’s first all know what plantation shutters are and what makes them so special in homes, particularly on the Sunshine Coast. Plantation shutters are interior window shutters that have adjustable slatted frames that are fixed to a window or door. In the beginning, they were developed in the regions of the southern part of the USA, where there was a need for houses and buildings constructed with exterior roofs that allowed adequate ventilation and shade in the hot climates, and similarly, coastal regions such as the Sunshine Coast are characterised by hot and sunny climates.

Benefits of Plantation Shutters in Sunshine Coast Homes

The Sunshine Coast boasts a stunning natural landscape and a climate that encourages indoor-outdoor living. Plantation shutters complement this lifestyle perfectly, offering several benefits:

  • Light Control: Plantation shutters allow homeowners to control the amount of light they have to filter into their homes as well as block off harsh rays from the sun while at the same time giving them a cool and bright look.
  • Privacy: Shutters are one of those designs that provide high privacy for the residents as well as the ability for them to open or close the blades to maintain the light but close the sight from the outside.
  • Ventilation: Particularly in a region like the Sunshine Coast, which has ample fresh air, especially in homes with a coastal location, plantation shutters allow good airflow when the shutter louvres are adjusted to allow proper airflow within the rooms of the house.
  • Energy Efficiency: As the sunlight and fresh air control are provided through the plantation shutters, they play the role of insulation, using which maintaining the right temperature in the rooms is going to be easy and effective, which in turn can help to save money on energy bills.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: The plantation shutters are tall and broad and finish the interiors, giving Sunshine Coat homes an elegant and tasteful appeal that is as timeless as it is timeless.

Measuring for Plantation Shutters in Sunshine Coast Homes

Now, let’s delve into the crucial steps for accurately measuring windows for plantation shutters:

1. Gather Necessary Tools: Before undertaking the measurements, ensure that you have some basic materials that might include a sharp pencil, some paper, a steel measuring tape, and possibly a step ladder where the windows can be accessed from high up.

2. Measure Inside Mount or Outside Mount: Decide if it is preferable to install plantation shutters inside or outside your window. Inside mounts sit directly within the confines of the window casement, while outside mounts extend outside the window frame and cover a slightly greater area.

3. Inside Mount Measurements:

a. Width: To do that, make sure you measure the window opening horizontally from left to right at the top, middle, and bottom. Measure the bands at their narrowest points and record the size that will snugly fit around the bands.

b. Height: Determine the width of the window opening from left to right. Measure the window width from the top down to the sill at the left, centre, and right. Monitor the highest level recorded. With the help of the measuring tape, record the tallest height measurement.

4. Outside Mount Measurements:

a. Width: Determine the width of the area that needs to be covered with the shutters, in case you are installing them on a new construction. For the paper’s desired overlap and mounting brackets, add more width on every side diligently.

b. Height: Determine the vertically upward distance from the top-positioned window frame to the target point, as it can be measured from the bottom of the sill up to the floor. Add more headroom if required. For other structural considerations apart from the roof’s height, consult the structural engineers.

5. Considerations for Special Features: Be sure to observe any aberrations like window cranes, handles, or trims because they will influence the placement of the plantation shutters. These features must be incorporated, and when so, other measurements should, in equal measure, be altered.

6. Double-Check Measurements: Before you order your plantation shutters, be doubly sure of all the measurements taken. Accuracy is vital for efficiency in making the necessary assembly configurations, as well as ease for the devices’ proper performance.

Choosing the Right Provider for Plantation Shutters in Sunshine Coast

Once you have your measurements, it’s time to choose a reputable provider for your plantation shutters. Consider factors such as product quality, customisation options, installation services, and customer reviews. Look for providers with a track record of excellence in serving Sunshine Coast homeowners and delivering exceptional craftsmanship.


For Sunshine Coast houses, plantation shutters are a sophisticated and effective window treatment option that offers the ideal balance of design, functionality, and durability. Following the guidelines provided in this handbook will enable you to measure plantation shutters precisely, adding to the comfort and beauty of your living space. Plantation shutters will provide a lasting impression on your Sunshine Coast house and capture the essence of shutters’ classic elegance, whether your goal is to control sunlight, enhance seclusion, or improve the visual appeal of your property.