Styling Tips for Men to Make their First Date Looks Super-Hit

Styling Tips for Men

There is a certain level of exhilaration and excitement when it comes to the first dates. These are the times absolutely when you want to do everything in a meaningful way. This includes: also looking your best self and wearing the most suitable outfits. I personally feel that we tend to over-complicate this otherwise simpler task. There are many aspects to the whole process. But, that does definitely not mean that you cannot put together outfits that come with an enormous potential to help you leave your best first impression without really turning yourself into a perfection freak with a sulking tendency.

Although, it is not just about how you look as you step out to impress your bae. But, definitely, it all comes down to the sort of outfits that you construct. Which enable you with the confidence you need to make a lasting impression. So, in this guide, I will be talking about some important styling tips that you must incorporate too if dressing up well is among your top most priority. And, with all your choices, you certainly want it to play the part. So from making the most out of the shearling motorcycle jackets to summing up the look with key accessories – there is definitely a lot that you must look forward to. Hence, let’s start.

Maintain the Top Notch Qualities of Your Outfits with these Suggestions

Always Keep a Jacket Handy

Men and jackets combined together make an unparalleled combination. And now, as you can see, the season’s best shearling motorcycle jackets and moto pieces are around – the prospect of finding the best ones just broadens for you to take home something ultimate and versatile. But, there is more to a jacket than meets the eye. It adds that complete aura into everything that you decide to pair it with. It infuses even the most incomplete looks with completeness – which is, hands down, the most note-worthy aspect of the jacket. 

Now it is up to you what options you want to be selective with. But I definitely like a nice shearling jacket. Because they are handy tools that keep the shivers at bay even on those days when you don’t find it in yourself to step out of the comfort of your house and do things that need to be done. And the additional extravagance is just that cherry point of acquiring the best shearling jackets. All in all, they make complete attire.

Don’t Use Strong Fragrances

While it is important to smell good when you are going on a date. And should definitely take certain precautionary measures. But, at the same time, you must not go overboard with the use of the strong fragrances. So, avoid the use of pugnacious fragrances. Rather, always choose a more decent and workable blend that consists of different things to give a flair to your personality. For instance: essential oils, a good moisturizer, and suitable shower gels. All these, combined together with fewer drops of perfume, create the ideal blend. Using too many fragrances can spoil the occasion for you in more than one way. First of all, you need to be considerate of whether the other person has allergies. Secondly, as it goes: excess of anything is harmful. So you must refrain from going extra with the use of the perfumes.

Wear Clothes According to the Setting

Now wearing clothes according to the setting is really important. For instance, imagine you are going for a casual date in a cafe, and you end up choosing a full-fledged pant suit – the outcome can actually be pretty embarrassing. And, it also shows your lack of sartorial depth. So, it is important to choose clothes that suitably go with the vibe of the place that you are going for. Since first dates come with another level of paranoia and butterflies, there are a lot of times themes involved in making it a memorable thing. So, tally down all the characteristics, and then decide upon the sort of outfit you are choosing for the day. Trust me: it can be that ultimate point of success that you should not be missing out on.

Dress According to the Time of the Day

Apart from choosing the outfit according to the location and the intensity of the first date, you also need to know whether it is a daytime date or a night. Depending on the time, there are many other factors that you will have to take into consideration later on. The themes of the daytime outfits and the nighttime outfits stand on two different parameters. From the color themes to the styling – all these aspects are going to take a 180-degree turn depending on the time and which one do you choose to be selective with. For instance, if you are going for a daytime outfit, then you necessarily do not have to go for a jacket. But, on the contrary, for the nighttime looks, you definitely need one.

Wear Decent Colors and Subtle Prints

Men must create their suave aura with every style that they determine to curate. So, if you want to look impressive, then you definitely need to make your outfits ceaselessly impactful. Yet, at the same time, without really going over the top with the prints and colors as they have a chance to change your personality in a not-so-compelling manner. Keeping it subtle and classy is important to make a momentous impression with your outfits. But, that also means: creating a balance, that too with all the distinctive factors.

Always Look for the Details that You Can Use for Your Best Benefit

Accessories can even make the most simplest of your outfit blends brim with enormous potential, and that is precisely a fact worth nothing. Some timeless accessories can actually end up being a highly useful tool of styling even more for men. Now, it does not matter whether you have chosen a casual look or a formal one – just do not forget to sum it up with some fine accessories in the end. It could be anything. But just make sure you are going for quality over quantity.


So, this is it from my side, fellas. Whether you want to use this guide as something to give your incomplete looks a finished aura. Or just drive some motivation from it – that is totally up to you. So, without further ado, the charm you person with your interesting persona and on-point dressing sense as you meet her for that most anticipated first date.