Know the Difference between Lash Lift & Lash Perm before Getting the One 


Among the trending services within the beauty sector, people can now avail themselves of lash lifts and lash perms at professional eyelash beauty salons. These enable individuals to have longer, fuller, and more defined lashes without using mascara, lash extensions, or even without using mascara, or lash extensions. But before we begin, let’s start with the basics: 

What are Lash Lifts and Perms, and What’s the Difference?

Imagine that you are an aesthetician who is in a dilemma, deciding which treatment to offer your patients. In that case, it’s worth learning more about the benefits and processes, as well as the professional lash lift and tint products or lash perm tools you may need to acquire.

What is a Last Lift?

A lash lift is a beauty treatment that beautifies the natural eyelashes or enhances the eyelashes look by placing a curling device on the natural eyelashes.

Lash Lift Procedure

  1. Preparation: Secure the client’s lashes on a lash shield or rod to keep them in place.
  2. Lifting Solution: Apply a lifting solution to break the adhesive bonds in the lashes, allowing them to be styled into a lifted position.
  3. Neutralizing Solution: Apply a neutralizing solution to fix the lashes in the lifted position.
  4. Moisturizing: Apply a moisturizer to enhance the healthiness of the lashes.

The lash lift treatment takes approximately 45 to 60 minutes, and the results can last between 6 to 8 weeks, depending on the client’s lash growth rate.

Advantages of a Lash Lift

  • Enhanced Curl and Volume: Gives lashes a beautiful curl and added volume, making eyes appear more open and awake.
  • Natural Look: Enhances natural lashes for a more subtle look than lash extensions.
  • Low Maintenance: Requires minimal maintenance compared to daily mascara or extensions.
  • Time-Saving: Saves time in the morning as there’s no need to curl lashes or apply mascara.
  • Durable: Resistant to water, sweat, and tears, allowing clients to enjoy activities without worrying about smudging or running mascara.

Who Should Consider a Lash Lift?

  • Individuals with medium to long natural lashes.
  • Those with naturally straight or downward-facing lashes.

What is a Lash Perm?

A lash perm involves fixing and rolling natural lashes to create a semi-permanent curl. This treatment is preferred by those who want thick, curled lashes without daily curling or mascara.

Lash Perm Procedure

  1. Preparation: Coat the lashes with cyanoacrylate adhesive to ensure the perm remains intact.
  2. Perming Solution: Apply a perming solution to remove the disulfide bonds in the lashes, allowing them to be curled.
  3. Curling: Use a rod or curling appliance to shape the lashes.
  4. Setting Solution: Apply a setting solution to reset the disulfide bonds, ensuring the curl is long-lasting.
  5. Nourishing Serum: Apply a nourishing serum or conditioning treatment to keep the lashes hydrated.

The lash perm takes about 60-90 minutes to complete, and the results can last for 4-6 weeks, depending on the client’s natural lash growth and care.

Who Can Consider a Lash Perm?

  • Individuals looking for a dramatic curl to enhance the visual impact of shorter lashes.
  • Those wanting a consistent, lasting curl without daily curling.
  • Clients looking to make their lashes appear thicker and fuller.


Eyelash lifts, tints, and perm are beauty treatments designed to enhance the facial appearance to an optimal extent. Based on the guide above, decide whether to avail yourself of a lash lift or lash perm treatment at a beauty salon.