Key Points to know How to Get Started with P2E Game Development


Games that players can play for real rewards are known as play-to-earn games. The rewards may take the form of cash, tokens, NFTs, or other items. Depending on how well they perform in the game, players can receive rewards. 

The entire gaming industry has been bounced up by play-to-earn games, which have proven to be beneficial for both players and game developers. This is your chance to catch up and change the game if you are still a newbie in this field and do not understand how it operates. 

It is not surprising that one of the most vibrant, adaptable, and dynamic industries has been the gaming industry. Statista’s prediction that the global gaming market will reach $268.8 billion in revenue annually in 2025 serves as an example of this.

Key Points to Know to Develop a P2E Game

P2E games are currently driving the market higher. The best P2E game application holds the top 10 spots. So we have conducted research on a few key points that can help you earn a place in the top 10 list for your P2E game projects. 

Even though the number of game projects is constantly growing, not all of them are successful. Users should therefore do their due diligence and research to assess projects before investing & to hire game developers. Here are a few points that you should take into account to start the P2E game development project;

  • Scalable Business Model

Making a business model is unquestionably necessary before releasing your game on the market. Remember that a P2E gaming model must be viable. As its user base and popularity increase, a P2E cryptocurrency game is also expected to be very scalable and adaptable. To preserve the current business model and maintain the interest of both new and seasoned users, game developers and analysts must develop new revenue streams and opportunities.  

  1. Finance -Token’s Economics (Tokenomics)

Pay attention to the amount and timing of financing. The game’s concept and value are translated through Tokenomics. A well-balanced monetary policy that covers NFTs, cryptocurrencies, and other internal tokens is the fundamental component of the P2E Tokenomics concept.

Notably, game designers must come up with a unique governance token. Participants in P2E games will be able to vote on any changes and suggestions for enhancing and strengthening the game as a result.

You will need expertise in the development of a comprehensive Tokenomics model. Blockchain experts know what it takes to deliver a robust and effective Tokenomics-based P2E gaming application. 

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  1. Suitable blockchain platform

The best platform must be chosen because blockchain technology is the backbone and a key component of play-to-earn cryptocurrency games.

There are numerous blockchains on the market, each with a unique set of features and functionalities. Examine carefully factors like transaction speed, consensus mechanism, sustainability, transaction fees, and support for NFTs when deciding which blockchain to use.

  1. Using the Latest Technology

You can make better games and give users richer experiences by utilizing the latest technologies. For instance, VR is revolutionizing the video game sector. The tech stack is capable of producing unique play-to-earn games. The development of your pay-to-earn game project needs the best of the tech stack. To keep the special experience for your users, It is always suggested to use the latest trend in technology.

Role of Blockchain in P2E Gaming

Blockchain-based games are becoming increasingly popular, so it’s important to understand this technology and learn how to start creating your own games based on it. Users play P2E blockchain games to earn money, which is pretty much how they sound.

Blockchain technology is used in play-to-earn games to let you get paid in cryptocurrency for playing them. P2E gaming allows players to make money by playing games or providing services in the gaming industry while using cryptocurrency.

With the help of this innovative, community-driven business model, gamers can collaborate more freely with game developers to improve the game.

Business Model of a Play to Earn Game

Play-to-earn crypto games are the fastest-growing industry in the Web3 space right now. The value across all play-to-earn games comes from the cryptocurrency that players earn within the platform. The play-to-earn business model emphasizes giving gamers ownership over in-game items and enabling them to raise their value through active gameplay.

In play-to-earn-based game models, participants can get involved in the activities of gaming and get rewarded with tradable tokens or cryptocurrencies. Token-based P2E games are in demand, as mentioned above, the game is played with tradeable tokens in exchange, also called Tokenomics. 

These digital assets can be anything ranging from cryptocurrencies to in-game resources that are tokenized on the blockchain. That’s why the play-to-earn business model goes very well with blockchain games.

Business models Like; Pay to Play & Play and earn are the other two choices for gaming business models for the business personnel. Let me give you a brief summary of these two models. 


Pay to Play: In a pay-to-play game, players must first pay for the game in order to download and play it. The newest business model in pay-to-play is membership bundles, which charge a set monthly subscription fee in exchange for access to a selection of games.

The game developers get paid a percentage of the total subscription fees based on how much engagement and attention their game attracts in comparison to others.

Play and Earn: Play-and-earn games are a new business model in which players’ main priorities are having fun and playing the game, with rewards coming from spending time and effort on in-game activities. Play-and-earn games’ main goal is for players to have fun while making money.

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Overview of the Top Play-to-Earn Games on the Market

  1. Axie Infinity:

One of the most popular P2E games is without a doubt Axie Infinity, which is based on NFT and built on the Ethereum blockchain. It enables users to produce Axies, combat-capable pets that resemble monsters, through breeding.

  1. Star Atlas:

With players from all over the world, you can play and earn in the next-generation gaming metaverse known as Star Atlas. It is a new blockchain game that is ambitious and has a dual token economy which means it offers two different types of tokens

  1. Phantom galaxies:

In the action role-playing game Phantom Galaxies, players adopt the role of Space Rangers in an open-world, third-person space simulation. It is the biggest game on the Blockchain and an open-world online environment!

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  1. Decentraland:

Play-to-Earn (P2E) games offer the opportunity to earn tokens by playing a game. It is actually a virtual reality platform powered by the Ethereum blockchain. The platform is quite popular.

  1. Zed Run:

The Polygon blockchain hosts the play-to-earn game Zed Run. ZED Run is a horse racing simulation game. Zed Run is an Australian-based NFT horse racing platform, gaining popularity all over the world. This racing platform is yielding high revenues.



More and more gamers are using metaverse gaming platforms to enjoy a more realistic gaming experience. Blockchain-based play-to-earn games are more in demand now that Web3 is dominating the market. 

Many entrepreneurs are interested in creating their own gaming applications in light of the current situation. The users of these gaming platforms can create their own games, invite friends, and even create and sell NFTs on online marketplaces. Using NFTs and cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology can be used to more effectively distribute prizes in your play-to-earn games.

If you are planning to develop a blockchain technology-based Play-to-earn game of your own then you need to hire a top mobile game development company. If you work with the NFT Marketplace Development Company to create or incorporate blockchain technology into your game, then it will give you better results. 

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