How to Duplicate Google Forms? [In 2 Ways]


We all might have experienced once in our lives the horror of our documents being mistakenly deleted or misplaced. However, if we have backups of our documents, then there is nothing to worry about!

That’s why, it’s important to have a copy of your documents, either just for a backup or to edit them. In this article, we are going to discuss how to make a copy of a google form

Many times, you need to make edits to a form while having a copy of google forms. When you have a duplicate copy as a backup, you can conveniently get back to your original form in case anything goes wrong.

If you’ve tried to copy in Google Forms, you know how frustrating it can be. However, the good news is there’s an easier way.

Two Ways to Duplicate Google Forms

Google Forms are useful in duplicating forms, it not only copies the structure of the form but also the basic settings that you configured in the original one. Here, we will see two ways to duplicate Google Forms, both are very simple steps to follow.

1. Duplicate Google Forms from Settings

Follow these basic steps to duplicate Google Forms and save them to your G-drive. So that when by mistake something happens to your original form, you don’t have to be horrified, as there will be a backup available.

  1. To start with, go to Google Forms through G-DRIVE (you must have a Google account, if not already then create one), or you can navigate it through a web browser – click here.
  2. Open the Google Form you’d like to create a copy of. If you have recently opened the form, you’ll find it in the ‘Recent’ section. However, if you have not created the form yet then create it now.
  3. Once you’ve set up the whole form, click on More ‘፧’ in the top right corner. Then click on ‘Make a copy.’
  4. A pop-box will be opened of ‘Copy document,’ give your document a suitable title. Further, choose a folder to download the Google form’s duplicate copy. My Drive’ is the default option, other than that you get ‘Computers’, ‘Shared with me’, and ‘Starred’ options to select from.
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  6. [Note* this step is optional] Enable the ‘Share it with the same people.’ If the form you are duplicating has collaborators then, selecting this option will add the collaborators of the original form to the copied version as well.
  7. Once configured the option, select ‘Ok’ and a duplicate Google form is ready to be used as required.

You can create multiple copies of the same form, plus if you want you can also create a copy of duplicate Google forms.

Note that, in this manner, you can also duplicate Google Forms templates – just expand the ‘Template Gallery’ from the homepage and select one from the given templates. Open the template and follow the above steps as it is.

It’s best to add the body of the template before duplicating it as it cuts down the extra work. For instance, add the questions, sections, and configure the settings, and more. Once you feel this is good to duplicate then make a copy of your template.

2. Create a copy of Google Forms through G-drive

This other step is for all of you who want to create a copy of Google Forms directly through G-drive. Or if you have shared forms and you want to have a duplicate of them. It is a very simple 3 steps process that will make a duplicate copy.

{It’s a probability that you might know how to duplicate a Google form, however, if you are new to Google tools then this is your time to learn something new}

  1. Go to your Google Drive, and search for the form you want to copy. Or if it is shared with you by someone, then,
  2. Open the ‘Shared with me’ section to have easier access to your imported Google forms.
  3. Right-click on your form once, list of settings options will appear in a box
  4. Click on ‘Make a copy’ and a duplicate copy will be created in that drive.
  5. Open it and do whatever you want to do in that Google Form, and share it with your team members or respondents. It’s totally up to you

These were the two steps that you can do to duplicate Google Forms without any external factor. However, there are other ways to clone your Google Forms, for example, third-party apps.

But if you can easily clone your form without any disruptions in Google Forms itself, then why the need to use an app?

Not to say, it is bad, such apps can surely help you and even provide you with more functionalities to use. But the above processes are way simpler for everyone.