How Easy And Convenient It Is To Use Uber Clone App?



Uber Clone Script has been coded with sheer perfection that it has been touted as the best human invention ever! Its prestige and repute is in its features, which are, without an iota of doubt, outstanding! Booking a cab using an iWatch with few simple taps on the screen, is just the beginning. IPhone users have to ensure that their watches are connected to it, which they can use to even pay online.

Now, let’s dive deep into the different ways in which a customer can book a ride with an App like Uber Taxi. An Individual who doesn’t own a smartphone or isn’t able to access the Internet can directly call the App Owner. Then, the Entrepreneur will book the cab on behalf of the customer with the help of administrator panel. 

In another scenario, a person is standing by the road with a cellphone but has never used this app before. The Taxi Driver stops after seeing that this person is waving up in the air in his direction. Driver marks this ride as ‘Hailed’ in the App and the Entrepreneur still earns Commission from it.

This On-Demand Taxi Ride Booking App has a special feature which allows Rider to add destination later. When Users are jumbled in the head and aren’t sure as to where to go, its okay! Give them space and time. Even if they have finalized a destination, until they cover half the distance, they can still change their minds.

Feeling safe is of paramount importance for Users and Drivers alike. And that is precisely what this app has been successful in achieving. It has encouraged Female Taxi Drivers to register with Uber Clone App and accept Female Riders only. 

But what about those who don’t have a cellphone? Or even if they do, they don’t have this app installed? In that case, this next feature comes in handy, booking a ride for someone else! In this case, once the ride is booked, all the necessary details are sent in a SMS to the receiver. This is the individual for whom the ride has been booked and that message includes cab details and OTP.

Geo-fencing is the heart of the policy-making of this Industry which is highly protective of its fleet of Drivers. In literal terms, it is physically fencing off of areas with barbed wires. The reason it is done so that nobody can enter it, to restrict its usage. Precisely what this feature is for! To safeguard and protect both the Riders and Drivers from any harm that these conflict ridden areas may cause them. So, by marking these neighborhoods on map, the system doesn’t allow them to Pick-up or Drop-Off passengers in these areas.

Uber Clone Script has rolled out quite a few trailblazing features that has evoked thorough admiration universally. One of them booking Intercity Rides! The interesting facet of which is that the User can pay online and share crucial ride details with family.  The Rider has to first login and then search for the city name from the list. Once the nearby city is selected, the Rider has to choose the ride based on the budget, date and time.

When this feature was added, a gap in the private taxi ride booking realm was filled. Hence, the market coverage was broadened significantly. This directly helps Entrepreneur because more the Rides imply more the Commission.

Yet another mind-blowing feature is in-Drive like Ride Bidding wherein User can bargain Taxi fare even before booking the Ride. And it’s a win-win situation because even the Drivers get the opportunity to counter the bid with their offer. Once they have both mutually landed on a bid is when ride starts. This helps in breaking away from fixed fare stereotype as it provides them the flexibility to try something new.


Uber Clone App is at times used to rent a Taxi on an hourly, and at times on the basis of the distance covered. It has been one of the remarkable features of this app which has improved its market perception exponentially.