Fabio Campoli’s Cinematography Collaborations with HBO, BBC, and Rai Fiction

Creation of gastronomic props for the film by director Woody Allen (2012)

Gastronomy, culinary, and perfection are three critical aspects of an unconventional chef’s gastronomic adventure, which led him to the cinema industry. Meet Fabio Campoli, an Italian chef whose perfectionism in the gastronomic realm made him a famous name in the cinematographic sector.

Fabio Campoli has been serving the gastronomic industry for over 30 years. He has been passionate about gastronomy since childhood. Starting at the age of fourteen, serving the kitchens of the city of Rome, he has become an expert in his gastronomic profession. Within his culinary and artistic journey, he knew that his artistic expertise, combined with perfectionism, could offer value to the cinematographic world.

It all initiated with his first debut on RAI—a popular Italian TV channel—as a chef hosting media cooking in Italy. In his first collaboration with Rai, Campoli collaborated on the cooking recipes with his artistic skills and set up creative sets with a gastronomic theme.

Later, he became a Rai scientific consultant and a reference figure for international doctors and food experts. Moreover, he has taken care of the gastronomic scenography design of food props in American and Italian movies since 1998.

Founder of the Association Il Circolo dei Buongustai since 2006. Additionally, being the Founder of Azioni Gastronomiche Srl and the online newspaper Prodigus.it, he is an established consultant for Italian and foreign companies and catering establishments.

Campoli was invited as a chef at the opening of the program “Ready, steady, cook” (Italian edition) in 2000. He is also the Technical Director of Facile Con Gusto (press magazine) projects and Club Academy (online cooking school).

Campoli is now a known and recognizable name to the general public. He is an author and presenter of television and radio programs, a consultant for the film industry, and a food designer. An award-winning in culinary and communicative fields, including the Star of Food Service Award in 2008, the Caterina De’ Medici Award in 2014, and Leone D’Oro at Gran Premio Internazionale di Venezia per meriti professionali (Parchment of Honor at the Career Award), 2018.

Fabio Campoli’s richness of his cultural path in the world of media, project management, and publishing is a combination of class, quality, and targeted creativity.

Campoli has collaborated for a few consecutive years with HBO, BBC, and Rai Fiction in executing the role of food designer. His commitment and perseverance led him to the sets of the most famous films of the last twenty years. Namely, Mission Impossible 3 by JJ Abrams, Eat Pray Love by Ryan Murphy, To Rome with Love by Woody Allen, the remake of the colossal Ben Hur directed by Timur Bekmambetov in 2016, and among the latest Rosaline by Disney+.

Cinematographic Collaborations

  • Rome, TV series produced by HBO, BBC and Rai Fiction (2005-2007)
  • The Borgias, TV series by Neil Jordan (2011-2013)
  • Mission Impossible 3 by JJ Abrams (2006)
  • Eat, Pray, Love by Ryan Murph, (2010)
  • To Rome with Love by Woody Allen (2012)
  • The Abusive Prince by Alessandro Siani (2013)
  • The Counselor – The Counselor, directed by Ridley Scott (2013)
  • Ben-Hur, directed by Timur Bekmambetov (2016)
  • Tolo Tolo, directed by Luca Medici (2020)
  • Domina (Sky TV series – season 1 and 2), directed by Claire McCarthy, David Evans, Debs Paterson (2020)
  • Francesco Stories, directed by Mati Kochavis (2021)
  • Rosaline (Disney film), directed by Karen Maine (2022)
  • The Decameron (Netflix film 2023) – upcoming release
  • Six Brothers, directed by Simone Godano (2023) – next release
  • Uonderbois, Disney TV series (2023) – next release
  • Those About To Die, TV series directed by Roland Emmerich (2023) – next release

Creation of gastronomic props for the film by director Woody Allen (2012)


His philosophy at the table, in work, and in life is summed up in attention to ‘good things,’ in a logic in which the essential is visible to the eyes of those who experience cooking not as an end but as a means to convey emotions and pass on history and culture. This thoughtful and creative way of delivering values has made him exceptional and versatile in every profession, be it culinary consultation, book writing, event management, or curating TV programs.