Benefits of sunscreen application on baby


One should protect oneself from harmful rays of the sun as it is very important for health these days. Sunlight which comes from the sun is very essential for vitamin D, especially in babies but its long-term exposure cannot be good for the baby’s sensitive skin and can cause serious sunburn to their skin. Parents need to choose the best sunscreen for baby as it is important for the skin. There are many benefits of applying sunscreen on the baby. Some of the benefits of sunscreen application on babies are listed below:

1. Prevents sunburn on the skin- Staying outside in the sun for a long time can cause radiation on the skin known as sunburn. Sunburn can cause serious health issues like redness and itching. Babies’ skin is more prone to sunburn than adult skin as their skin is very sensitive. Applying sunscreen on the baby’s skin can reduce this problem. Skin helps to protect us from the harmful rays of the sun. Babies’ skin contains melanin but it is much less than in adults. Therefore, they are more prone to sunburn. Taking your baby outside even for a short time can cause these issues to them. It is recommended to buy a sunscreen of that brand with an SPF factor of less than 15. SPF factor means sun protection factor. Also, skin type must be considered while choosing the right sunscreen for your baby. Therefore, the right sunscreen for your baby is a must. 

2. Prevents skin damage- Sun gives a natural light and vitamin D which is very important for the growth of the body. But long-term exposure to harmful UV rays can damage the skin leading to premature aging, skin cancer, wrinkles, etc. However, as long as you keep your infants out in the sun it can cause skin cancer. Applying sunscreen on their body would help to prevent skin cancer and parents would see them growing as a healthy adult. It is a misconception that sunscreen should be applied when the sun is out. But sunscreen is applied to protect your child from UV rays. So, by telling their children the benefit of applying sunscreen at an early age they will be more likely to use it in their older times. 

3. Protects the skin health- Infants have more sensitive skin so they are more prone to sunburn leading to allergic reactions and skin irritations. Therefore, baby sunscreens are made to protect them from skin reactions. Skin is an essential part of our body and is made up of certain proteins. These proteins will get destroyed if children will go out without applying sunscreen on their skin. These three proteins are very essential and they make the skin smooth and radiant. Keratin plays an important role as it protects the skin. Elastin on the other hand provides structure to the skin. Our skin looks smooth and elastic due to the presence of collagen in the body. Applying sunscreen on your baby will protect these three essential proteins. So, in summer parents must buy sunscreen with SPF 30 or above and apply it on the skin. This will keep the baby’s skin safe and healthy.

4. Prevention from harmful rays- The ozone layer protects the earth from the harmful rays of the sun.  This layer prevents these rays from reaching us. However, due to a hole in the ozone layer, it is not able to protect us from these rays. These rays have several impacts on a person such as skin cancer, premature aging, wrinkles, leathery skin, etc.  They can also affect one’s eyesight. As much as sunlight is important for vitamin D in the body it is as much harmful also if exposed to UV rays. Any exposure can cause serious health effects. Not only this, but UV rays can also pass through clouds, windows, or if you are wearing light-colored clothes. Therefore, applying sunscreen on the parts of your baby’s body can help to protect your little ones from harmful UV rays. This must also be noted that applying sunscreen once can wear off in some time. So, apply it to your baby every two to three hours. 

5. Healthy sun habits- Babies have less control over their body temperatures as compared to adults. By applying sunscreen, they can stay outside for a long time without feeling too hot. Parents must teach their children from starting to apply sunscreen on their bodies. Not only sunscreen, they can wear hats to protect their face from sunburn. Applying sunscreen from starting will help them for a lifetime and they will be aware of sun safety and reduce health issues such as sunburn, skin cancer, etc. Though preventing your infants from sunburn is the most immediate benefit of keeping their skin safe, but applying sunscreen on the body and wearing hats and arm-covered gloves can keep their skin safe and healthy for a long time. This can also prevent your infants from tanning. So, a sun protection routine is very important in the early ages of the baby so that when he grows up, he will likely continue this behavior of sun protection and will take necessary measures to protect the skin from damage.

So, these are some benefits of applying sunscreen on the skin of babies which must be noted while buying sunscreen for babies. Parents should apply sunscreen on their babies every day if there is sun or not. Protection of the skin of the baby from harmful UV rays of the sun and keeping it safe and healthy is also important for the parents and they must take some precautions to protect them. The market offers different sunscreens for babies and adults. So, apply only baby sunscreen on their skin as it is safe for them. Parents can buy sun screen for newborns online also. Buy sunscreen from reputed brands only as they cause no harm to the skin of both adults and babies. Therefore, one must choose the right sunscreen for their child and should go through all the benefits of applying it to the skin.