7 Perks of being a phlebotomist


Normal people think that the one who collects blood samples while testing or donations is a phlebotomist. But actually, this field comes with a lot of perks for everyone in addition to this. Opting such courses for this as a career has many advantages. To get proper knowledge, one must join a phlebotomy course

The following are the perks of being a phlebotomist:

1. Employment opportunities: According to research, phlebotomist has a trend of growth. This is at a fast growth rate as compared to others. This is because a phlebotomist has to be present at every medical place like laboratories, hospitals, etc. The collection of blood is an important function in the hospital. So, the phlebotomists are in great demand. Therefore, good employment opportunities are there for a phlebotomist. 

2. Short period of training: In comparison to the other professions, a phlebotomist requires less period for training is also less like from four to eight months and it is less expensive. It also depends on the school which you attend. The short period will make you sure that you can start working very soon as compared to the other professions. Also, there is flexibility to have this opportunity as you can also go for the evening classes. 

3. Flexible schedules: The phlebotomists have flexible schedules. They have to work for only a few days per week. Some days are off during the week. Because of this, one can very easily maintain a good work-life balance. One can very easily spend quality time with their friends and family and can enjoy. 

4. Different places: A phlebotomist can work in different kinds of workplaces. These include hospitals, laboratories, urgent care centres, private practices, etc. Therefore, one can choose the workplace according to their interests. There will also not be any kind of boredom because of the different works and environments available to a phlebotomist.

5. Stable income: As a phlebotomist, one can have a stable income. Also, as the training is of a short period then the job can be started fast so income will be stable in a very short time. It also depends on location and the experience. Some other benefits include paid time off, health insurance, etc. 

6. Different jobs: Different jobs are there for a phlebotomist. Also, there are different types of people whom they have to deal with every day. Just work and enjoy with the different age people. This will increase your experience in the work. Some of the job duties may include the proper identification of the patient before collecting blood samples, storing and labelling them and safe transport of blood samples. Also, observing all the safety protocols.

7. Helping others: Like other medical careers, this profession of phlebotomist provides an opportunity to help others. The blood work is very important to get the right treatment. Most people have a fear of the needle so you can make them feel calm and overcome their fear. Taking and feeling the work positively will help you to get job satisfaction and increase your confidence.

As mentioned, there are many benefits of being a phlebotomist. One can go for the best phlebotomy course in uae. It is a great career choice and an honourable job.