5 Books To Must Read In Black History Month

Read In Black History Month

February – the month of Black history! No one would dare to disagree that black history is just too rich to cover in only a month. And same is the case with black literature.

However, if you are searching for new titles by Black authors to add to your TBR pile this month, then we have got your back.

That is correct! We have some recommendations on where you should start!

This is why, we have curated a list of 5 critically acclaimed works of non-fiction and fiction by Black authors that speak to Black history, power, culture, beauty, and much more.

These titles merged together will address many essential topics regarding Blackness: the struggles, the history, the stories, the joy, and, of course, the vibrant creativity.

The essential books to must read in black history month are:

Top Books To Read During The Black History Month

“Just As I Am,” By Cicely Tyson

This revelatory memoir is the first book written by Cicely Tyson and, unfortunately, proved to be her last, too. This groundbreaking Black icon and legendary writer left the world, just two days after her book was published.

This is why, reading this book feels no less than a parting gift. This book pulled up the curtains on her youth, her growing up in Brooklyn, and that seven decades-long career that lightened up the path for all the Black artists everywhere. “Just As I Am” is enriched with lived history, along with historical notes that offer context to previous and current racial strife and unrest. If you want to get your hands on this masterpiece then contact any online book printing UAE company. 

A Promised Land,” By Barack Obama

“Whatever you do won’t be enough, I heard their voices say. Try anyway.” These words were written by none other than world-famous Barack Obama. This book is the first volume of his presidential memoirs, which seeks the 59-year-old former president who reflects on the space that lies between the political reality and his presidential ambitions. In “A Promised Land,” Obama also gets candid about all the sufferings and racism he witnessed as America’s 1st Black president. No wonder why this work of art became one of the bestselling books of 2020 in the USA.

“The Color Purple” By Alice Walker

This jaw-dropping prize-winning book was published originally in 1982. It became one of the most-cherished historical and classic fiction of all time. This dynamic story features the lives of 2 black sisters Nettie and Celie. This book is based on early 20th-century rural Georgia, where these two sisters separates as young girls. Throughout the novel, you will get to learn a lot about their love, resilience, companionship, growth, etc. This trailblazing book sheds light on the traumas of domestic violence, toxic masculinity, and a lot more. Thus, it would be safe to say that you would certainly not want to put it down once you start reading it.

One Of The Good Ones,” By Maika Moulite And Maritza Moulite

A teenage Black YouTube and Black activist dies in a shady situation after being involved in a social justice rally. She becomes a victim in a fight against the brutality of the police. After that, her shattered and heartbroken sister, Happi, becomes extremely bothered by the idealized manner her sister is remembered, and takes on a journey to honor her in a way that feels good to her, using “The Negro Motorist Green Book” as her ultimate guide. To read this book, ask any reputable service provider of booklet printing in Dubai to get this book for you.

 “Beloved” By Toni Morrison

Beloved – it is the New York Times bestselling book that features the tale of Sethe, who is born into slavery and becomes successful to escape from Ohio. But even after a long span of 18 years, the nightmarish memories of home still haunts Sethe. What disturbs her the most is the ghost of her unnamed child from her new house, who is buried with only one word “Beloved” on her tombstone. This expertly written story of pain, endurance, power, heartache, and much more is an ideal must-read by one of the most cherished prize-winning authors.

Why should we read books based on black history?

Reading books based on black history can add significant context to the world we are living in. It adds more to our anti-racist education and lifts up the voices that sadly have been shushed out over and over again in the history.

How can I study black history?

There are a lot of ways to gain knowledge about the black history. Some of those ways, include:

  1. Classes, teachings and lesson plans
  2. Books & collections
  3. Historical documents & museum
  4. Articles and resources
  5. Podcasts
  6. Roots and records searching resources
  7. Videos and

Why is February titled as the “Black History Month”?

February is the month to celebrate black history, mainly because of the birthdays that fall in this month. For instance, Fredrick Douglass and President Abraham Lincoln were born in February.

Why is black history significant?

Black history is significant for a lot of reasons, such as that it allows us to dig a bit deeper and evaluate the actual events in history that are not a part of the curriculum. It gives us a chance to gauge what we learned in history. Furthermore, it permits us to celebrate, honor, and learn more about the remarkable black leaders of the world. A lot of such leaders endured suffering and sacrifice and they must be honored at all costs. These are some of the reasons why black history is vital.

Summing It All Up!

And that is all folks! By reading about the books given above, we are sure that you are going to have a fulfilling Black History month this year. Feel free to do your own research before buying any books to read because these books can be a bit triggering. However, every book is beautiful and gives a powerful message in its own unique way.