Online PhD Programs Are Coming of Age


Advancing your education and skills in your field always has benefits. In a slow economy and tough job market, furthering your education becomes almost essential. You need to be able to stand out from the competition. Unfortunately, returning to a conventional university for an advanced degree may be impossible due to financial constraints and family obligations.

An education online PhD program may provide an ideal solution. The prestige of a doctoral degree establishes you as an expert in your field and is hard to surpass. You will have earned the right to the title of Doctor, which is a very visible indication of your accomplishment.

It is now possible to earn a PhD degree without having to give up the income of a full time job. It is possible to complete the requirements and receive a quality education while working at your own pace, during the hours you find most convenient.

Pros & Cons

Distance learning has its positive and negative points, but many Doktortitel kaufen PhD candidates have already pursued some of their studies online. Convenience and scheduling are often leading criteria when selecting an online course of study. There may be very substantial cost savings if travel, moving and/or duplicate living expenses would be incurred to attend a traditional university, or if one would have to give up their job in order to return to school.

Some students will miss the social interaction that a physical school provides, although this can be somewhat replicated by online forums, chat rooms, etc. With an online program, mentors may be assigned from anywhere in the world, making it easier to gain access to a wealth of knowledge and new cultural insights. At top quality university will have an excellent on-campus library. While online course may offer access to online databases and library, it may be difficult to replicate the library of a good college or university. Financing may be harder with any distance learning program, but the availability of financing may be a good sign that the sponsoring college has a good reputation.


The best online PhD program share a general design, format, prerequisites and demands as a traditional program. Interaction between instructors/mentors and students may be even better in an online program than in a large university. Be sure to check accreditation and consider any board certification and/or licensing requirements in your field of study to ensure the online (or any other) program qualifies.


Usually, candidates for a doctoral program will have a Masters degree, but some programs accept students with a minimum number of graduate credits (typically 30) or with a Bachelors Degree, in which case, extra coursework will likely be required.


The range and options for quality online degrees are growing rapidly. Doktortitel kaufen There’s a good chance you will be able to find an online PhD program to meet your needs. Some may require some on-campus time, but they will still be designed to accommodate the working adult. Try to find a quality traditional school which is offering an online version of their degree program. Avoid those which give a lot of credit for “life experience.” You may be able to practically “buy” your degree, but anyone who cares about your credentials and does a bit of research won’t be fooled, and your money will be wasted.