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Solar panels, solar heating, and alternative energy sources are increasingly common in our homes. Solar energy is free and does not pollute the environment. But if you decide to set up a solar system, should know how and what to buy. Alternative energy has long been not just a fad ecologists, but also the survival needs of all inhabitants of the planet. If we use energy from wind, sun or water, not only to preserve the nature of any further pollution, but also can save by using free energy that we take from nature. The Western world has long been understood all the advantages of using Solaranlage that are downloading the free energy of the sun.

Electricity generated by the solar panels and flows to a device for controlling and charging the battery is stored in batteries which in turn keeps the energy up to the final consumer. How to make electricity in batteries collected must be able to use it yet converted into electricity which is suitable for household appliances. The device for this purpose is called the inverter and its performance depends on how much consumers will be able to use at home.


The working principle of solar panels based on the capacity of the material during combustion of light electric voltage difference occurs, causing a flow of direct current. Solar panels are made of semiconductor materials and their efficiency depends on them. With us are common single-crystal thin film and solar panels, and all manufacturers provide warranty to 25 years. When buying it is important to know how strong power outages and solar panels you need, because the price depends on the force. It also should pay attention to the shape and dimensions of the panels and the panels where you want to ask. Be sure to inquire at the store on how to set and the availability of suitable roof rack. The panel is placed on the roof of a house or a place that is not in the shade most of the day, and certainly in the south. Working solar panels depends on the light, not heat, so that in winter you can expect to electricity but in a lesser amount because the sun’s rays fall under a lower angle.


Controllers are devices that are placed between the solar panel and batteries, and their main task is to control the charging system ensuring that there is no overcharged battery. When you purchase this device you should pay attention to their maximum input current because the item is associated with a cost. We must ensure that the controller contains an integrated temperature control, because the maximum capacity of the battery depends on the temperature of the environment in which it is located. Controllers are designed for himself and output loads. It is important never to connect to the solar panel directly to the battery.


Just as in a passenger car, the battery is used for storing energy from sunlight collected by a solar panel. If you use electricity only on weekends, it is important that their capacity persists for at least three days, and panels will charge the batteries while you’re away. Batteries are performed by 12 or 24 V, and the prices are related to capacity. On the market there are two types of batteries used for this purpose. Starter batteries and car batteries. Are characterized by a great power in the initial stage of loading, but have a smaller number of charge and discharge cycles during your lifetime. Solar batteries are characterized by equal force for the entire load, and multiple charge and discharge cycles. If you use a solar system for occasional use (weekends, holidays) then the starter battery will be quite sufficient, whereas for daily use is certainly recommended by solar batteries.


Would you like to use household appliances will be required and inverter. The task is to power inverter DC voltage of 12 or 24 V from the battery into a AC voltage of 220V, so you can use devices such as radio, TV, water pump, energy saving lamps, computer, fridge or less standard. When buying appliances, beware of their input voltage must be in accordance with your solar system. When purchasing power inverter make sure the inverter is required fuses that protect the rest of the system against short circuit and overload. These devices always connect directly to the battery. AC voltage of 220V from the power inverter can be dangerous to life.

Solar system is limited by energy Solaranlage  source, unlike the power grid that can be considered as an unlimited source. What does that have to be careful which includes how consumers connect to the solar system. Depending on the power inverter, and its power output can include a number of spent whose consumption does not exceed a total power inverter, therefore, always be aware of the power device that you connect because otherwise it could get to overload the system. On the other hand you have limited time and duration of electricity from the solar system. If your batteries provide 1.8 kWh, this means that a 100W light bulb will be able to work 18 consecutive hours, provided that the batteries in the meantime full of electricity from solar panels. In this system it is impossible to connect the oven, storage heater and the like, but the lighting, TV or radio, and various small appliances, we can talk. Lighting definitely needs to be addressed saving light bulbs because they consume 5 times less on average than conventional bulbs. Of course it all depends on the proper sizing of space.