Enigmatic Empresses: Emeralds in Royal Jewellery Collections


Since ancient times, emeralds stones have been known as ‘the jewel of kings.’ This beryl gemstone serves as a May birthstone and is also the stone to celebrate the 20th wedding anniversary. 

This beautiful green stone was once known as the Cleoptara gems. Cleopatra is one of the best examples of the same. 

The queen of Egypt was fond of panna stone. She admired these gems, adorning herself and her palace with emeralds. The queen also gave these precious stones to foreign dignitaries, showing off her wealth and power. 

Other than the queen, many other empresses have adorned this enigmatic charm. The opulent allure of these gems in royal collections transcends panna stone price. It embodies a regal mystique that surpasses monetary value, symbolizing enduring elegance.

The Roman Empress: Lollia Pualina 

Lollia Paulina, the wife of Roman Emperor Caligula, and her love for panna stone are well described by the author Pliny. According to the author, the empress adorned herself with alternate emerald and pearl jewelry. She was so fond of these green gems that she would glitter them all over her head, ears, hair, neck, and fingers. 

Theodelinda: The Queen of Lombards 

The queen possessed the famous treasure known as the Iron Crown of Lombardy. Napoleon Bonaparte crowned himself with this Iron Crown, symbolizing it as the gift of God.

Josephine Bonaparte: The Empress of the French 

Josephine Bonaparte was the first wife of Emperor Napoleon I from 1804 to 1810. The emperor gifted the empress with lavished jewels. Their marriage ended in 1810, before which Josephine decided to sit for a portrait in 1809. The empress wished to be jeweled in green emerald stone. She wanted to adorn these green stones to represent the freshness of her grief. 

The Iranian Imperial Crown Jewels 

The crown jewels of Iran are one of the most valuable jewel collections in the world. The collection comprised gem-studded tiaras, swords, crowns, and thrones. This collection is composed mainly of emeralds. 

Colombian emerald stone adorned in these jewelry pieces were of high-carat weight. The emerald studded tiara worn by the Empress Shah Nasser ud-Din of Iran was known to showcase several precious gems. 

Princess Diana: The British Royals 

The most famous emerald jewelry the British royal Princess Diana wore was her Art Deco choker. This art deco-style choker showcased natural green emeralds and diamonds, giving an appealing look. His husband, Prince of Whales, gifted the matching emerald drop earrings to the princess. 

Queen Elizabeth: The iconic tiara

The Vladimir tiara is one of the versatile crowns worn by Queen Elizabeth. The piece had diamond studded circles with interlocked and replaceable pearls in between. 

Empress Eugenie: Love for emerald jewelry 

The empress displayed her love for panna stone jewelry as she adorned them on various occasions. She used to wear this gemstone studded jewelry for her portraits as well. The diamond and emerald strawberry coronet she wore featured large-sized rectangular cut emerald stone along with diamonds. 

The fascination for the original panna stone is familiar. These precious beryl stones have also been adorned and loved by many empresses in the past. The vivid green color of these stones goes well with any gemstone, diamonds being the most desired match. These are one of the versatile gems that match every attire.